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Canned Oxygen Canned Oxygen Could be the Next Bottle Water

The emergence of another possible billion dollar business, based on bottling and selling a natural commodity.

Twisted Products
Some of these are absolutely not real, but they should be. Others are very real, which doesn't necessarily mean they should be.

The Fine Art of Demotivation

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 05/15/06 at 07:25 PM

DespairPodcasts are the new weapon in the war on motivation

Earlier, we had taken a look at the hilarious “Demotivator” poster spoofs that have taken the corporate world by storm. These bright rays of sunshine offer us a dose of the truth as well as remind us to “Never Underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”.

Now, Despair Inc. continues their war on motivation with several new podcasts offering a glimpse into proper demotivating business practices and corporate spin. Remember, “none of us is as dumb as all of us.”

Watch Despair Inc.’s Corporate Spin Podcasts

The 50 Year History of Play-Doh

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 05/02/06 at 03:08 PM

image2006 marks 50 years of messy and colorful fun

In 1956 a new type of “modeling clay” for children was invented and began popping up in schools and stores everywhere. In 1965, U.S. Patent No. 3,167,440 was granted to Noah McVicker and Joseph McVicker for a “plastic modeling composition”, (which was originally intended to be a wallpaper cleaner) now called Play-Doh. Little did they know that they had created the substance of childhood memories as well as many a childhood meal, unfortunately.

Play-Doh persists as one of the most well known and popular childrens “toys” with over 2 billion cans sold since its invention in 1956. As you attempt to clean your children’s Play-Doh out of the carpet, the car, and the bathtub; take a look back with us at how it all got started.

Once Upon a Pomegranate

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 05/01/06 at 09:35 PM

PomegranateNature continues to provide more complicated fruit for you to ponder

American consumers have been pushing for more extreme and exotic products these days. Why bother with dull, ordinary fruits like apples and oranges, when you can delight in natureís edible beanbag.

If you have never heard of a pomegranate, or didn’t realize that it is the fruit that “may just save your life”; allow us retract the sliding door to this cache of knowledge.

Nightlights for your Feet

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 04/29/06 at 02:50 PM

Bright FeetBid farewell to stubbed toes and late night romps through the darkness

If you are a late night wanderer, no doubt you’ve stubbed a few toes and crashed into your share of furniture corners.

Faced with the conundrum of certain pain from furniture you “swear” was moved a few inches while you slept, and certain death by the hand of your spouse should you dare to turn on a light; what can you do? Thankfully, your solution is now at hand...or foot rather.

Learn more about BrightFeet - Nightlights for your Feet

From the Land of Useless Invention

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 04/21/06 at 08:26 AM

InventorThousands of inventors all across this great land toil for hours on their big ideas, however misguided some of them may be

For every amazingly useful invention that finds its way into everyday use, there are hundreds of other undeniably silly inventions that never see the light of day beyond the patent office.

Patently Silly has taken the time to research and compile a smorgasboard of silly innovation that may or may not have a place in civilized society. These gems of ingenuity have been culled directly from the U.S. Patent Office.

Visit PatentlySilly.com to get the scoop on silly patents

A Tale of Chocolate Addiction and its Tiny Peddlers

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 04/20/06 at 11:48 AM

Thin MintA brief look at the history and technology behind the nifty narcotic that is the Girl Scout Thin Mint

Every year, an army of girls clad in green sweep the nation bringing hope and fulfillment to the millions of cocoa junkies in search of their next fix.

For many girls, selling Girl Scout cookies is a right of passage; a tradition that has existed for decades. For the millions of consumers, itís also a right of passage; devouring the sweet treats with wanton disregard for any possible risks to their figure.

It’ll Tickle Yore Innards

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Mountain Dew LogoYou may not be aware of this, but Mountain Dew began its “extreme” marketing in the 1940’s

Mountain Dew is well known for their high power, extreme marketing campaigns featuring daredevil snowboarders and the like. But nothing quite screams “Do the Dew” like an image of a hillybilly running from the revenue collectors.

The lemony 7-Up like drink was invented back in the 1940s, by brothers Barney and Ally Hartman, of Knoxville, Tennessee. They actually started manufacturing it as a mix for hard liquor, and so jokingly named it “Mountain Dew”, after Tennessee moonshine. How can you go wrong with a slogan like “It’ll Tickle Yore Innards”.

Read the full article at AmusingFacts.com

The Cola that Always Promises a Jolt

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 04/18/06 at 12:30 PM

Jolt ColaOnce a cult favorite, Jolt Cola looks to use new flavors and technologies to regain their status as the ultimate in alternative cola

Throughout the late 80ís and early 90ís, Jolt Cola became a cult classic in the world of caffeinated cola. Featuring twice as much caffeine as Coke, it was an incredibly potent energy drink.

Jolt became insanely popular among gamers, computer programmers, and pretty much anyone who needed to stay awake throughout the night. So where did it disappear to all those years, and why is it back?

Canned Oxygen Could be the Next Bottled Water

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 04/17/06 at 06:34 AM

Canned OxygenThe emergence of another possible billion dollar business, based on bottling and selling a natural commodity.

Bottled water became one of the most profitable drink products in the United States, selling for a dollar or more per bottle. All of this, despite being available in nature and only costing pennies from your tap. Many will argue that the water from your tap is just as “pure” as most bottled water as well.

Bottled water has become a $9 billion dollar industry in the US alone; a country which has plentiful sources of potable water. With all of this money being thrown around, businesses are now looking for other free commodities that can be slickly packaged and sold for a profit.

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