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Canned Oxygen Canned Oxygen Could be the Next Bottle Water

The emergence of another possible billion dollar business, based on bottling and selling a natural commodity.

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Drunken Legislators told “No More!”

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 05/23/06 at 02:11 AM

Drunk LawmakerLawmakers in Oregon told not to show up drunk.

As a culture the Americans have little tolerance for drinking and driving.  We have seen the damage that a drunk driver can inflict upon society.  Somehow we as a society have missed the effects of drunken lawmaking can have on our society.  Citizens in Oregon have seen the light and have told their elected officials that it is no longer acceptable to show up on the job drunk.  Now if we could only get the people of Massachusetts to convey that to Sen. Edward Kennedy.

It is somewhat hypocritical for legislators to be voting on public drunkenness laws, DUI laws, or possession laws while intoxicated.  Maybe there is hope that one day our lawmakers will get some common sense and some common decency.  There is hope that this legislature will take this recommendation to heart.

Read the full AP wire story.

When Bambi Attacks

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 05/22/06 at 01:34 AM

imageWild eyed deer invade college campus

Students at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale have been experiencing attacks by some seemingly crazy deer.

Over the past few years the campus has seen an increase in attacks that have sent some students and faculty to the hospital. Some of the attacks are believed to have stemmed from people moving in on fawns to pet them.  Now with fawning season about to peak the warnings are going out.

Hello, My Name is Bob

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 05/19/06 at 03:22 AM

DolphinsCould a series of dolphin whistles actually be names like “Bob”, “Frank”, or “Joe”?

Of all the extremely important and beneficial scientific research completed in the past few years, very little can match the sheer weight and magnitude of the concept of dolphin names.

Dolphins, after all, are one of the most intelligent creatures on the face of the earth; and it would be a shame to suffer their fiery wrath as they wrestle control of the planet from the humans, simply because we didn’t address them by their proper names. It was the researchers’ aim to nullify this weakness.

Bananas Being Driven to Extinction?

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 05/15/06 at 12:16 AM

BananaThe world’s most popular fruit could become very hard to find

Much of the world loves to eat bananas and they even have a place in the superstitions of sailors. But could it be true that they are disappearing forever?

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has warned that wild banana species are rapidly going extinct as Indian forests are destroyed, while many traditional farmers’ varieties are also disappearing. It could take a global effort to save the bananas’ gene pool.

Read the Full Article at the New Scientist.com

Spy satellites watching American Soil

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 05/15/06 at 12:05 AM

SatelliteThe agency is proud of its record of helping Americans

From thousands of miles above, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is helping law enforcement set up their security for large events as well as assisting hurricane victims by giving them the abillity to see their damaged property, without having to risk their safety.

In an interview with the Associated Press, the director of the NGA stated that he is proud of the work his agency is doing.

Ronald McDonald to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 05/08/06 at 02:57 AM

imageWill a new century image change the bottom line?

The golden arches are about to part ways with the 20th century image that seved them well for a half century.  Ray Kroc and Fred Turner’s signature roof line will a thing of the past if the new management team carry out their plans for renovations.

The Bright Red, White and Yellow will be toned down and be mixed in with terra cotta and olive and sage greens.  The Plastic fixtures will be replaced with soft, inviting, cafe style furniture.  Free internet will become available.

Using Breweries for Ethanol

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 05/06/06 at 03:44 AM

imageWhy not use existing plants to make ethanol

Breweries here in the United States are some of the largest in the world, making millions of gallons of beer per year.  It only stands to reason the fastest and cheapest way to make ethanol for fuel would be to give these breweries an incentive to use their facilities and knowledge of brewing.

Prices at their current levels, which in turn makes ethanol prices a little higher, may just be enough for them to convert parts of their facilities to making ethanol, but these companies may want to see if prices will stay at these levels before making any capitol investment.  If the federal government demands 10% ethanol standards across the board then ethanol prices will increase making it more feesible to convert.

Gasoline’s True Windfall Profit

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 04/25/06 at 02:03 PM

imagePoliticians continue to blame “Big Oil” when it may be “Big Government’s” fault

The public is angry and politicians are ready to reap the benefit.  This may be the “hot button” topic for the election if prices don’t ease.  Politicians are trying to posture themselves as the do-gooder in this political season when it comes to gasoline prices, but it may be they who are the problem. 

When you crunch the numbers over the past 20 years the demand for gasoline has risen steadily but prices have remained relatively stable until last year.  Last year there was an underestimation as to the growth of developing nations in Asia and elsewhere which caused speculators to push up prices on fear of a shortage.  But who gets the biggest chunk of that increase?

A Disease that Leaves You Petrified

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 04/24/06 at 05:26 AM

Stone Man GeneA gene has been discovered to be the cause of the crippling disease that changes your muscles into bone

A scary disease fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) or “Stone Man” syndrome changes a person’s muscle into bone, forever imprisoning them in a second skeleton.

Researchers have discovered a single gene that appears to be responsible for this phenomena in victims. It is their hope that they can use this new information to formulate a cure for this affliction that begins in early in childhood.

Read the full article at TimesOnline.com

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