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Canned Oxygen Canned Oxygen Could be the Next Bottle Water

The emergence of another possible billion dollar business, based on bottling and selling a natural commodity.

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 04/24/06 at 05:13 AM

TortoiseOne of the world’s oldest animals has passed away in an Indian zoo

Born shortly before the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Addwaitya, a giant Aldabra tortoise, felt it was time to move on to that big tortoise shell in the sky.

He spent several years in his sprawling estate before he was brought to the zoo in 1875. Addwaitya’s early life showed that British sailors had brought him from the Seychelles islands. Tortoises are believed to be the longest living of all animals, with life spans often surpassing 100 years.

Read more at Reuters.com (with video)

A Real Race that’s Really Real

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 04/19/06 at 03:22 PM

Visit the Real Race WebsiteCompetitors make reality TV their reality as they compete for 17 days across Australia

Tired of the fixed tournaments, manufactured drama, and overall lameness of reality TV style “competitions”? Ghoz informs us that the entire world hasn’t gone mad afterall, and there is still a company out there who wishes to provide people with a “real” adventure.

The Real Race, an adventure travel tour and competition, is not a reality TV show. The Real Race is a real race, with real people and real challenges. The competition will offer non-stop amazing adventures and mind-boggling experiences in a competitive but safe and fun environment. Best of all, the victorious team will do it all for free winning back the cost of the entire trip.

The Red Paperclip of Dreams

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 04/17/06 at 04:49 PM

PaperclipUsing the power of the internet community, a man manages to trade his way to the top

Kyle MacDonald had a paperclip. He wanted to have something better than a paperclip. That is where Craigslist came in.

Posting his barter offers on the popular barter section of Craigslist.org, and eventually on a blog he created, Kyle was able to trade up his fortunes, one item at a time. From a red paperclip, to a fist-shaped pen, to a small ceramic doorknob, and on, and on, and on; Kyle traded his way up to a year’s stay in an Arizona duplex. Where will he go next?

Read the fully story of Kyle’s climb to internet stardom at YahooNews

Fuel prices may make decisions for us

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 04/14/06 at 04:05 AM

Fuel PricesWhat are the dominoes ready to fall in the wake of rising fuel prices

Will the cost of gasoline change your decisions in certain areas?  Time will tell, however here is some food for thought.

Will you be more likely now than say 3 years ago to live in an urban area closer to school or work rather than a suburban area?  When buying a house are you looking at such things as insulation and brick as opposed to appearance and space?  These questions are most assuredly higher on the list of home buyers than they were 3 years ago.

Feds attempt to seize Grillz

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 04/07/06 at 08:38 PM

GrillzTwo suspected drug dealers served with a warrant to seize their Grillz.

It seems that your gold crowns are now up for forfeiture if you are a suspected drug dealer.  However, as long as you have them permanently bonded you can keep your bling while you’re in the pokey.  A lawyer, speaking on the grounds that he get some noteriety, said that this sounded like Nazi Germany.  Always a good way to make friends in law enforcement.  Now you know what happened before Hitler had all the lawyers killed. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that these fine upstanding young men will be able to keep their precioius dental work once they’re on the inside.  Their bling might turn into a wedding ring or some form of bartering tool.  You thought a pack of smokes would get you somethin’, try some jewel encrusted gold crowns. Let this be a lesson for all you would-be criminals, get your Grillz pasted in and you’ll have some negotiating power on the inside.

Read the full account from the AP wire on CBSNews.com

Lack of Sleep may lead to a Larger Gut

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 04/06/06 at 01:26 PM

ObesityResults of recent studies are indicating that sleep deprivation could lead to obesity and even diabetes

There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of obesity in the United States over the past several years. This marked increase runs nearly parallel with the growing number of reported and diagnosed cases of sleep disorders and sleep deprivation.

Researchers feel that the two may be linked and have been conducting a range of studies to see how lack of sleep can alter our body chemistry and open the door to obesity and an increased risk of diabetes.

Donkeys are less trouble than wives?

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 04/05/06 at 06:36 PM

DonkeyA tidbit of ancient wisdom appears in childrens textbooks in India

Teaching materials in India apparently get right to the point, not bothering with veiled analogies or allegory. The Times of India recently reported on an excerpt from a textbook that is used in Indian schools.

The possible truth of this statement is obviously up for debate as, i’m sure, many husbands would happily weigh in on the subject. Of course, their answers would probably also vary depending on whether or not their wife was in the room with them. Regardless, it’s interesting to know that the Indian government is distributing this nugget of knowledge to young men before they learn the hard way.

Whitney Houston in financial peril

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 03/31/06 at 04:28 AM

imageSinger reportedly evicted and going broke

A decade or so ago Whitney Houston was on top of the world.  She was selling albums with no end in sight.  The Diva of Divas at the tome.  But something has gone horribly wrong for the ex-pop star. She has not only fallen off the charts and off most people’s radar, she has fallen into a state of financial ruin.  It is hard to believe that someone who held such promise could end up here.  Bobby Brown and his like have done wonders for Whitney’s carreer.

Whitney’s sister-in-law is claiming that the Diva is addicted to crack cocaine, and that she has lost her teeth to the addiction and abuses herself by biting and punching herself.  Sadly, the only way Whitney is ever going to get better now, is when she hits rock bottom and has no where to go, if it doesn’t kill her first.

Here are a few of the articles about Whitney’s dangerous habits on Canada.com and Foxnews.com

Americans getting too fat for first aid

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 03/30/06 at 12:02 AM

imageYou’ve heard of monster trucks, now try monster ambulances!

Many First responders have had to upgrade their equipment.  You may be thinking; well of course they have to upgrade for terrorist attacks or buy more high tech equipment to replace their antiquated old equipment.. Well, you would be wrong on both accounts.

As reported on CBS News, some ambulance companies have had to spend their money on bigger ambulances with ramps and wenches so as to service our ever “growing” population.  The drivers and EMTs are risking injury to lift some people into and out of the ambulances, so they have installed wenches to pull gurneys into the back of the vehicle.  They have also had to buy bigger gurneys with load capacities in excess of ¾ of a ton. 

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