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20GB ipod minis?

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 04/04/05 at 08:20 AM

imageMicro drives could hit 20GB soon

Hitachi, the maker of the drive behind the ipod mini, says their new 3D drive could propel the ipod storage limit upwards to 20GB.  The technology could also be used in their standard 3.5” PC drives to give an astounding Terrabyte (1000 GB for all you non-geeks) of storage to PC users. (that’s alotta itunes)

If you want to read up on this breakthrough go to ZDnet.

Firefox is Beta testing release 1.0.3

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 04/03/05 at 01:56 PM

imageGet the latest AND greatest!

Seems that Firefox will continue gaining ground on Microsofts IE.  The latest is that IE7 will not soppurt CSS 2.0.  So if you want to see the best designed webpages in all their glory you better get something else.  It seems thatr MS is going to collapse under it own weight.  They used to be lean and innovative, now they are relegated to being bloated with beurocracy and SELLING things that are already better and available for free.  It’s been a nice run but MS has run its course as the mover and shaker in software.  They may continue to sell their lame so-called upgrades to the SHEEP, but the rest of us have moved on to greener pastures. Get Firefox 1.0.3

Quicken abandons customers!

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 04/01/05 at 08:48 AM

imageCompany drops support for 2001 and 2002 programs!

Ever feel like your in a bad dream?  I received an email from intuit the other day basically saying either buy Quiken 2005 or forget about getting support from us.  I feel like Mr. Douglas dealing with Mr. Haney on Green Acres.  Buy a product and when it fails the salesman says can’t help you but I will sell you this brand new piece of junk that will be unsupported in 3 years.  Quicken will get no more money from me and I encourage you not to be sucked into this scheme of selling soon to be abandoned software.  Kinda sounds familiar doesn’t it IE users?!?

Horse to replace mouse

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 03/06/05 at 09:33 PM

MouseErgonomic design touted as breakthrough

Boy, Steve Jobs is probably kicking himself that he didn’t jump all over this one.  A puck...it’ll never sell.  Is it just me or is this thing just a mouse with a thumb-rest. 

You know if you didn’t have to spend most of your workday trying to get windows to work the way they say it should, nobody would get repetative stress injuries because they would be doing something else.  Somebody put this Horse back in the stable.

Apple’s New iPod Lineup

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 02/23/05 at 10:50 AM

iPod miniOf course you’ve probably read this already, but we just loves us some iPods. So here’s the details.

Apple is continuing to tweak out their iPod lineup and make it easier on everyone, as well as easier on the wallet. Today Apple announced a range of iPod updates to continue to bring their digital music lineup into focus.

The shakeup began, first, with their iPod mini offerings. The price on the original 4GB (1000 song) iPod mini was reduced from $249 to a much more friendly $199. They have also added a new 6GB (1500 song) model picking up the $249 price. The gold color option for the mini was discontinued, as it wasn’t exactly a favorite. The battery lives of both mini models have been increased to 18 hours.

“Printing” DVD/CD Labels = Old and Busted

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 02/17/05 at 01:26 PM

Visit Nero.comIt is the goal of most people to make their burned DVD’s and CD’s look professional. But that’s hard to do with traditional inkjet paper labels. So now for something completely different.

Nero, the most popular DVD and CD media software, has announced a partnership with Lightscribe to bring Direct Disc Labeling technology to the masses. What is Direct Disc Labeling technology you may ask? Put simply, the software allows you to “print” high resolution, silkscreen quality labels onto your DVD’s and CD’s without the use of a printer. The software turns your DVD or CD burner into the label printer.

Once you have burned your media; you take the disc out of the drive, flip it over, and put it back in upside down. The software will then use the optical laser in your burner to “inscribe” a precise, professional, iridescent label into the media itself. As the developers of the software put it, “The LightScribe technology uses the optical drive’s existing laser to deliver precisely controlled light energy to the disc through an innovative circular writing system. Where the energy focuses on the disc, a visible chemical change occurs in the dye coating. The result is a high-resolution reproduction of artwork, text or photos.” In order to use this technology, you must have a LightScribe enabled DVD/CD drive, as well as LightScribe enabled media.

Now, how this will all match up to my patented “Professional Magic Marker Labeling Technique” remains to be seen. But it sure does seem like a step in the right direction for DVD and CD enthusiasts everywhere.

Read the Full Article at LockerGnome.com
Nero 6 With LightScribe Technology support is available for download at Nero.com

Bill Gates is a Copycat - Steve Jobs

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 02/14/05 at 08:25 AM

WinAppleWill Jobs and Gates ever Kiss and make up?

Steve Jobs says that Microsoft is still copying Mac OSX.  So to get a leg up on MS Jobs is marketing OS X to the top computer makers to replace windows on the x86 architecture.  Can you imagine using Mac OS X “tiger” on your PC?  This means that PC makers are going to have to start bundling OSX apps because people who have had Win apps won’t have the software to run on their “new” systems.  This is a bold move if nothing else.

Read the Full Article at MacMinute.Com

New “Cell Chip” unveiled

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 02/10/05 at 09:29 AM

Cell ChipChip promises new way of computing

A consortium of Sony, Toshiba, and IBM has unveiled their new “cell chip”.  This chip, if it holds true to the promises, could revolutionize the PC industry.  With blazing fast CPU speeds, able to handle RAM in the Gb instead of Mb, and a whole new way of looking at computing, the “cell chip” could boost everthing from you desktop to your laptop and supercharge your TV and your video games.  This tiny chip could be designed into just about every major appliance you can think of. 

To find out more read this great article on inernetnews.com or this one at Cnet news.

What was the name of that Song?

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 02/05/05 at 12:32 PM

RadioHave you ever been listening to a radio station and really liked a song that was playing, but the station decides that it is not going to tell you the name of song or artist at anytime before or after?

Yes, Inc. has come to to the rescue of radio station listeners everywhere who seem to always miss the DJ announcing the name of that catchy tune they love such.

Yes, Inc. scans the playlists of radio stations and music networks all over America and update the database in real time. You can look up your city and radio station, and find exactly what song was played on that station by the minute. So next time you hear a song you really like, and they don’t tell you the name; just take note of the time and head to Yes, Inc.

Visit Yes, Inc. Radio Playlist Database

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