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I Think He Found His Burrito

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 07/07/05 at 10:39 PM

Wil WheatonWhether he is busy writing books, competing in national poker tournaments, or making television appearances; One thing is for sure, Wil Wheaton certainly stays busy these days.

Many articles about Wil Wheaton begin with something like “You may know Wil Wheaton from his portrayal of Wesley Crusher in Star Trek The Next Generation, or his portrayal of Gordie Lachance in Stand By Me”. But the fact is, Wil Wheaton has become very successful and popular in so many different avenues of creativity, that to cite these few examples from his acting career is to sell him short in my opinion. So I choose instead to begin my article as such; “You may know Wil Wheaton as the author of Dancing Barefoot and Just A Geek, as well as the man behind the popular website Wilwheaton.net”.

Wil had previously established himself as a captivating writer through the day to day stories and musings on his wildly popular website Wilwheaton.net. This eventually led to his published works. First with Dancing Barefoot, a collection of short stories, and then ultimately the expanded memoirs that make up Just A Geek. Both of these books offered an intimate look into the joys and the struggles of its author.

Roeper and Ebert?  Try Statler & Waldorf instead!

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 07/04/05 at 03:33 AM

imageThese old farts are much funnier than their real-life counterparts!

Ever watch or read a review after the fact, and wonder...’What movie were these guys watching?’ Well now you can get the scoop straight from a couple of old muppet favorites who never sugar coat it because they are afraid to tick-off some overpaid actor.  You’ll also see some cameos by other muppets as Statler and Waldorf review the latest movies “from the Balcony”

Episode VI : Return of Harry Potter

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 07/03/05 at 08:04 PM

Harry PotterThe cracklabs at Scholastic are once again in full swing as they prepare to unleash their latest cocktail of addiction.

A major book release generating the kind of publicity and excitement normally reserved for blockbuster movies is upon us once again. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the sixth book in the world famous series will hit the shelves on July 16 (that is if they have time to get to the shelf before eager readers maim eachother to get their hands on them).

The latest entry in the world of Potter finds our hero in the midst of a Wizarding War brought on by his nemesis and the epitome of all things evil, Lord Voldemort (wait, am I not supposed to speak his name?) The book promises to be full of action and excitement, as well as answer several questions that readers have had since the first book in the series. And to further excite rabid fans who needed no more encouragement, it was revealed earlier in the year that one of the major characters will perish this time around. Of course this led to wild speculation as well as gambling. Yes, you heard right, gambling. Gone are the days of simple bets on horse races, fights, and superbowl games; the new bleeding edge of gambling is betting on who will die in the next Harry Potter book.

Everybody Loves George

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 07/03/05 at 03:09 PM

Oh George, not again!The loveable George Lucas continued to give Star Wars fans everywhere what they wanted with Revenge of the Sith; plot holes, cheesy dialogue, and more!

Star Wars was a phenomenon, that much is true. Over the years it has captivated moviegoers and built a legion of fans. Then came the “prequels”. They divided fans into the ones who liked them, and the ones who didn’t. Although you would be hard pressed to find one who will admit they liked “The Phantom Menace”.

George continued to make matters worse when he decided to go back and “touch up” the originals with “Star Wars: The Special Edition” and then of course the new “Star Wars: The Special, Special Edition”. This put many fans into a tirade. I mean, as Yoda would say: “If not broken it is, fix it you should not.”

Now, with the final movie in the saga “Revenge of the Sith”, fans are once again divided on whether it is a good Star Wars movie or not. Galactic nitpickers everywhere have pointed out the countless plot holes, flaws, continuity errors, etc in the film making some wonder why George just didn’t hire these “Star Wars Experts” as Technical Supervisors on the film.

Star Wars Episode III-review

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 05/22/05 at 04:06 AM

imageThe Sith rules them all!

This is by far the best episode of the two trilogies.  Even though everyone knows the final outcome, the journey there is thrilling.  To watch Anakin turn to the dark side is chilling.  To watch the death of the Jedi even more disturbing.

My 7 year old begged to see it, but when we went, I made him turn away on a few occasions to spare him some bad dreams.  I think the beginning chase/fight seen was a little long and some plot coverage a little thin, but overall I think Lucas did a decent job of bringing the story full circle.  My only complaint...more wookies, less fighting defenseless droids.

I know there was no choice but after seeing General Grievous (all high tech bio-machine like) and then watching anakin get fixed up in a bad halloween costume complete with useless buttons on the chest, was almost too much to swallow.  Oh well no way to fix it except reshoot episode IV.  note: If you read this George don’t even think about it.

It All Comes Full Circle

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 03/11/05 at 03:44 AM

Star Wars Episode IIIThe powerful story behind Star Wars Episode III has come full circle, has the quality of the movies come full circle as well?

The newest installment of the Star Wars saga, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, is finally nearing its release date. This evening, during “The OC” on Fox, the first full trailer for Star Wars Episode III was shown to millions.

The trailer was extremely dark and powerful. It looked like a Star Wars film to be proud of. Now I know that we have all been fooled before by exciting trailers that led to lackluster films in the saga (Episode I and II, yeah you!), but for some reason this one looks different. Does this mean that the quality of Star Wars has come full circle, back to the legendary status of the original trilogy? We won’t know for sure until May 19; but if the style and power of the trailer is a true indication of the final film, we will have another Star Wars film to be proud of, finally.

At this time no “official” release of the trailer that aired on “The OC” is available on the web, other than with a paid Hyperspace account on StarWars.com.(We know you would NEVER go to one of the many torrent sites and download it via Bittorrent!) As soon as one comes available, we will have the link up and ready!

**UPDATE** Here is a link to a Quicktime .MOV version of the full trailer. Hurry, I dont know how long this will last!

Go Ahead make his Day!!!

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 02/28/05 at 05:29 AM

Clint EastwoodYou just Have to ask yourself one question. Do you feel...Lucky???

Well do ya Clint?  Million Dollar Baby, Clint Eastwood’s multi-million dollar baby, cleaned up at the Oscars last night.  The movie that was about overcoming, overcame.  Hillary Swank and Morgan Freeman walked away with acting awards and Clint walked away with a directing award as well as Best motion Picture. 

Jamie Foxx got his first Oscar for his portrayal of Ray Charles in “Ray” and Cate Blanchette got best supporting actress for her role in “The Aviator”

Leonardo DiCaprio will probably have to play a drunk or another mentally handicapped person (Gilbert Grape) to get an award, so until then he’ll have to be content with all the cash he’s making.

Here is a list of the major awards.

Record labels show their Greed

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 02/27/05 at 05:07 PM

imageSome labels want a higher price for downloads

Seems that greed has raised its ugly head again.  In a move that angered some, including Apple’s Steve Jobs, some record labels stated that they want to raise wholesale prices for downloaded music. 

Online sales account for about 2% of all sales and are projected to go alot higher by some Wall street types.  Again, some suits want to get their hands in the pie and if there is not enough to go around, just raise the price so they can get theirs.  Same old song and dance.  Here is the scoop on- The Drudge Report

Matrix Style Ping Pong - LIVE

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 02/21/05 at 04:21 PM

Ping PongNothing spices up a seemingly dull sport such as Ping Pong more than Matrix style choreography. Especially when it is performed Live.

A well choreographed mock Ping Pong game that was performed Live on some type of television show with a live audience. It’s very impressive how they were able to work out the timing of the whole sequence and give it the appearance that it was being filmed with high speed cameras.

Watch Matrix Ping Pong

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