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Canned Oxygen Canned Oxygen Could be the Next Bottle Water

The emergence of another possible billion dollar business, based on bottling and selling a natural commodity.

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World of Warcraft comes to South Park

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 10/05/06 at 04:53 PM

South Park WarcraftTraditional South Park style parody, or elaborate infomercial; you be the judge!

It was bound to happen, with Blizzard’s online bohemoth World of Warcraft sweeping the world it was destined to find its way to the tiny town of South Park Colorado.

The boys of South Park find themselves drawn into an epic struggle of noob griefing, wild boar genocide, and ill timed bathroom breaks. Faced with the devastating actions of a powerful player breaking the rules, they must find a way to stop him or it could very well lead to the end of the world...............of warcraft.

Les Paul turns 91

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 06/09/06 at 03:46 AM

imageToday, an inventor and music legend celebrates another birthday

Les Paul, born Lester William Polsfuss, celebrates his 91st birthday.  Paul hails from Wisconsin and was getting paid to play guitar by age 13.  He was playing all around the midwest from Chicago to St. Louis.  Where he appeared on KMOX radio and soon after, at age 21, released his first record.

Unhappy with the sound of the modern guitar in the 30’s he built his own guitar from a 4"x4" fence post and a cut-up Epiphone hollow-body.  This created the solid-body sound that Les Paul became famous for. 

NBC trying to stop the slide

Article Submitted by Davbmn on 05/16/06 at 08:35 PM

imageNBC is the first to release their new fall schedule

NBC released their new fall line up with some expected changes. The network is struggling to stop the slide that it has been on since the end of Friends.  Monday the network picked up 2 new comedies and 4 new dramas to try and stop the bleeding.  They are also killing off the spin-off of their popular Friends comedy, Joey.

Along with Matt Leblanc’s show they are also dumping Four Kings, Surface, E-Ring, Heist, Inconceivable(did that even air?) and the controversial Book of Daniel. Though, they may still have a few tricks up their sleeves.

So the Fiction is Fiction Afterall?

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 05/15/06 at 12:28 AM

Da Vinci CodeHowStuffWorks.com tells us how The Da Vinci Code doesn’t work

As the editors and writers of HowStuffWorks.com state, “It’s no secret that we like to take things apart and see what makes them tick.”

How could they possibly resist the challenge to pick apart this bestselling novel and find out just what does and doesn’t work from a scientific and technological standpoint. Just because it’s a work of fiction doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be entirely plausible and be stand up to the higest scientific scrutiny, does it?

Read the Full Article at HowStuffWorks.com

Narnia Not Quite a Masterpiece?

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 04/25/06 at 08:37 PM

Chronicles of NarniaSometimes a simple “I didn’t care for the movie” will not suffice, leaving only the desire to construct a detailed rant of epic proportions

Jay Pinkerton was not happy with the storyline of “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Rather than let it go at that, he felt that his disenchanment with the alleged literary masterpiece deserved the utmost scrutiny and objective analysis.

He explores what he believes to be the random senselessness of all the characters and story elements and states that it is as ridiculous as “Harry Potter suddenly teaming up with Merlin, Robin Hood and Zeus to fight the Easter Bunny and a talking elephant that’s also Ganesha”.

Read the hilarious review at JayPinkerton.com (link contains strong language)

Could Snakes on a Plane Surprise You?

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 04/18/06 at 05:41 PM

Snakes on a PlaneThe upcoming Samuel L. Jackson movie “Snakes on a Plane” has garnered internet fame simply because of its no-nonsense name, but could there be a surprise ending in store?

I mean, how much surprise or unexpected suspense could there be in a movie with that title? It’s pretty self-explanatory, there will be snakes on a plane, and it will most likely be a bad thing for everyone involved. The folks at McSweeney’s Internet Tendancies have offered up a list of possible suprise endings for the movie that could possibly throw you for a loop. Who couldn’t be entertained by Jackson thwarting a terrorist strike against The Golden Gate Bridge, only to inadvertently destroy San Francisco in the process?

Read the Possible Surprise Endings at McSweeney’s Internet Tendancies

Analyzing Bad Movie Physics

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 04/17/06 at 03:52 PM

Movie Physics

Ever notice how cars in movies always burst into flames the instant they collide with anything? Our favorite is when a car falling from a high place explodes the instant before it hits the ground. It’s as though its gas tank gets panicky and detonates at the mere thought of striking Earth. Fortunately, the physics are not so cooperative.

An excellent article on Intuitor.com breaks down some of the most famous “movie physics”, applying real world scenarios, formulas, and common sense to explain the probability or improbability of what many moviegoers have begun to accept as fact.

Read the Full Article “Instultingly Stupid Movie Physics” at Intuitor.com

A Golden Age in Children’s Television

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 04/11/06 at 10:46 PM

Pete and PeteThere was a magical time in the history of television where some of the greatest programming aimed at children and teens could all be found in one place.

Being the age that I am, I had the great fortune of being the perfect age to enjoy many of the great shows that entertained millions during Nickelodeon’s “golden years”.

Many children’s shows nowadays just don’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Obviously I’m not the target audience and maybe that is point of the shows in the first place. But, they just don’t seem to have the staying power and the attraction of the shows that came onto the scene during my youth (The behemoth that is “Spongebob Squarepants” is, of course, excluded from that statement).

The Movie Timeline

Article Submitted by Failed Success on 03/28/06 at 04:00 PM

Movie ReelThe complete history of the world as seen through the movies

There are few shreds of statistical data that could be more important to a champion of useless knowledge than a complete movie timeline. Ever wonder what year Hogwarts was founded (993 A.D. by the way), or maybe you are a connoisseur of historical events such as the Predators ritual feasting on xenomorphs and humans and the specific date when the Scorpion King came to power.

The Movie Timeline provides you with a complete history of the world based on movie events from the beginning of the world to 865,427,810 A.D. You can learn when everything happened, and if you see something missing, feel free to submit that important bit of history yourself.

Visit The Movie Timeline

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