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Why is dirt brown?

Posted by Davbmn on 04/01/06 at 02:36 AM

imageSounds like a childish question but, here is the answer?

When you were a kid it is very likely that you asked the questions few people can answer. Why is the sky blue? Where does rain come from? or Why is grass green? Well try to answer this one.  Why is the ground brown?  Well as it turns out, it is a very complicated question to answer and one that almost requires a degree in biology or some other scientific field.

Luckily here at FailedSuccess, we pursue these answers to the end of the internet and bring them to you, our readers, who ponder such inane questions (as we do) well beyond your childhood.  So the next time a youngster asks this question, you can lay the answer on them, and of course the inevitable follow-up will be: But why?

Read this interesting but totally useless information at ScienceDaily.com

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  1. How is dirt brown???? Plz..... reply to me soon i want to know..!!?? Thanks!!!!
    BA BA

    Posted by baba  on  04/21/06  at  06:09 PM