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The Top 100 Toys of All Time

Posted by Failed Success on 12/21/04 at 03:37 PM

Magic RocksTV Cream gives us all a trip down memory lane as they bring us the Top 100 Toys of All Time. VH1 counts down the Top 100 toys in the new show “I Love Toys”

As Christmas hoves noisily into view for another year, and the marketing divisions of the world’s toy companies go into overdrive, we inevitably start to ponder… was it all like this in our day? If you’re reading this, it’s likely there’ll be a good twenty-plus years lying between this Christmas and the last one you started by tearing down the stairs at five in the morning, in wide-eyed anticipation of the contents of that mountain of wrapped boxes under the Woolies’ fireproof silver tinsel tree.

So, to this end, we polled TV Cream’s readership to find the most well-remembered - for better or worse - toys that turned up in the stockings of yesteryear, from the tiniest fifty pee rubber novelty to the many bulky Bakelite candidates for that hallowed “main present” status. Quite often the little things, mainly through having lower expectations to live up to, went down better than the battery-hungry robo-gun-battleship thing mouldering in its box in the airing cupboard by Boxing Day.

TV Cream’s TOP 100 Toys of ALL TIME (Link now goes to TV Cream’s Toy Catalogue)

UPDATE: VH1 is currently running an exciting new show following their now famous “I Love” format. The show is called “I Love Toys” and features well known celebrities and toy enthusiasts counting down everyone’s favorite childhood toys. The show is great fun and exciting to watch. Memories will surely come flooding back as you see toys you had completely forgotten on the television screen in all their glory. Here is a quick recap of the Top 100 Toys as tallied by VH1 and the viewers:

1. Hula HoopG.I. JOE
2. Barbie
4. G.I. Joe
5. Mr. Potato
6. Monopoly
7. Star Wars Figure
8. Yo-Yo
9. Slinky
10. Wiffle Ball & Bat
11. Play Doh
12. Radio Flyer
13. Snoopy Sno Cone Machine
14. Bike
15. Match Box/Hot Wheels
16. Etch-A-Sketch
17. Rock’em Sock’em
18. Scrabble
19. Easy Bake Oven
21. Nintendo
22. Teddy Bear
23. NerfNintendo
24. Water Guns
25. Lite Brite
26. Lionel Trains
27. Silly Putty
28. Crayola Crayons
29. Cabbage Patch Kids
30. Battleship
31. Twister
32. Shrinky Dinks
33. Ninja Turtles
34. Connect Four
35. Tonka Toys
36. Strawberry Shortcake
37. Mattel Classic Football
38. Pogo Stick
39. Tea Set
40. Big WheelNintendo Game Boy
41. Transformers
42. Jump Rope
43. See & Say
44. Raggedy Ann
45. Frisbee
46. Hungry Hungry Hippos
47. Evel Knievel
48. Little People
49. Clue
50. Gameboy
51. Lincoln Logs
52. Speak & Spell
53. He-Man
54. View Master
55. Mouse Trap
56. Barrel O’ Monkeys
57. Stretch Armstrong
58. Madlibs
59. Simon
60. Tickle Me Elmo
61. Operation
62. Life
63. Rubik’s Cube
64. Roller Skates
65. Jig Saw PuzzleLegoland Lego Set
66. Risk
67. Tinker Toys
68. Smurfs
69. Slip & Slide
70. Candy Land
71. Walkie Talkies
72. Color Forms
73. Rainbow Brite
74. Erector Set
75. Weeble Wobbles
76. Balsa
77. Stickers
78. Army Men
79. Trivial Pursuit
80. Baby Alive
81. Wooly Willie
82. Little Golden Books
83. Memory
84. Gumby
85. My Little Pony
86. Ouija Boards
87. Dominos
88. Care Bears
89. BB Guns
90. Model Sets
91. Uno
92. Remote Control Cars
93. Sea Monkeys
94. Laser Tag
95. Chutes & Ladders
96. Pong
97. Spirograph
98. D&D
99. Thumbalina
100. Magic 8 Ball

Of course, before we go...we must present the other side of the spectrum. For every good toy, there is a horribly bad toy that should have resulted in the firing of anyone remotely involved in its concept and creation. “Fantastic 4 Electronic Thing Hands” anyone?

So we present the Top 10 Worst Toys as catalogued by W.A.T.C.H (World Against Toys Causing Harm). Enjoy

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  3. cool

    Posted by nice!  on  02/10/09  at  08:26 PM
  4. Where the heck is the “thing makers?” Creepy Crawlers, Flowers n Things. Way more fun than a hula hoop. Hula hoops? Who are they kidding.

    Posted by Four  on  12/26/08  at  11:41 AM
  5. clearly good list but matchbox/hotwheels clear winner

    Posted by hop2it  on  12/02/08  at  05:40 AM
  6. :coolgrin: Great Christmas Time article.  I remember getting some of these and wanting the others.

    Posted by Failed Success  on  12/21/04  at  04:22 PM

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