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Canned Oxygen Canned Oxygen Could be the Next Bottle Water

The emergence of another possible billion dollar business, based on bottling and selling a natural commodity.

An Informative Ode to the Commode

Posted by Failed Success on 04/29/06 at 08:19 PM

ToiletFresh from the more than you’ve ever wanted to know department, the internet presents us with Toilets of the World

A world traveller such as Bob Cromwell sees many things as he traipses through the continents. Much to the delight of readers and knowledge purveyors everywhere, he documents one of the more unsavory, but necessary, aspects of travelling abroad.

Through his images and explanations, you can experience the history behind toilets across the world, as well as see for yourself what you will be in store for, should you visit another country and find nature calling.

Enjoy Bob Cromwell’s Toilets of the World

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