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The Iraq Truth

Posted by Failed Success on 06/12/07 at 07:23 PM

IraqJust the ranting of a soldier that thinks this war isn’t actually a war, but a police action that will prove useless when it is over...If it gets over.

Hello, my name is PFC......lets call me Fedup. Anyway, I’ve been in Baghdad, Iraq for over 6 months now and I can tell you one thing. This isn’t a war. We may have the makings for one, and the death tolls are sure looking like one, but when you get down into the mechanics of it all. All you have is a BS police action that consists of Teaching incompetent Iraqi law enforcement agentcies techniques that they forget about a half hour later and dodgeing Terrorist attacks that you really can’t counter attack, because of new EOF rules and all the political BS that goes on over here.

When you’re a young guy who joins the Army, your brain is full of action scenes from war movies and what not. Like that quote from that movie I can’t quite remember, “You think your gonna get the chance to punch a NAZI in the nose” but that is really not the case. In the time that I’ve been over here I’ve seen One Terrorist and thats it. One Bad guy in action. Sure I’ve been attacked by Mortors and a few RPG’s, but you cannot react to that. There will never, be a war like WW2 again. I’m not saying that I want there to be or there won’t be a bigger war in the future, but most of the fight is done with aircraft and missles. Ground troops are essential, but the big fight isn’t fought by us anymore.

Sure this “war” is unique and all, but after countless conversations with actuall Iraqi people for months on end, I know for a fact that we have outstayed our welcome, but they know just as well as some of us that as soon as we leave things are gonna get bad again. Sure we helped with the Saddam problem, they hated him. I’ve only met a few Pro Saddam Iraqis since I’ve been here, but the majority of them are glad hes out of power and dead. I just think we should have left after that problem was over. The Sunnis and Shias are going to continue their sectarian violence weather we are here or not. Religious war like this, get messy and stay messy. I am 100 percent supportive however of our US military decisions, because being a soldier that is a part of my job. I just think that people should actually know what it is like and hear the unfiltered opinion of a soldier who is actually there.

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