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Soda, Coke, Pop… Lets Call the Whole Thing Off

Posted by Failed Success on 12/22/04 at 12:23 PM

SodavsPop MapThroughout the United States, different regions have their own slang, dialects, and generic terms for common products. In St. Louis, MO carbonated soft drinks are called “soda”. What about the rest of the country?

PopvsSoda.com has worked long and hard to settle this very hotly debated topic. From their research and surveys they have created an extremely detailed and accurate interactive map of every county in the United States showing the generic term they use for carbonated soft drinks.

View the Pop vs. Soda Interactive Map

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  1. Down south we just ask for a coke and that’s good enough.  Kinda like askin’ for a tea means sweetened tea.

    Posted by davbmn  on  06/09/06  at  10:12 AM
  2. It’s POP, POP, and it always will be!

    Posted by Jon  on  12/22/04  at  03:21 PM