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My brand new OrganJet Printer

Posted by Failed Success on 04/11/06 at 11:32 AM

PrinterI’ve always wanted to print my own skin grafts and muscle tissues, I just hope I can buy replacement cartridges at my local OfficeMax

Need a skin graft? A new trachea? A heart patch? Turn on your printer, and let it spit one out. Scientists and researches have been teaming up to create a printer that is capable of printing human organs and tissue three dimensionally on demand.

Through the use of bio-ink and bio-paper, they are already churning out sheets of heart muscle tissue and blood vessels. I just hope my heart tissue doesn’t come out with a bunch of missing lines because the head needed cleaned; or, God forbid, a paper jam. Talk about a mess. While I ponder the uncertainties regarding scooping blood vessels out of my feed tray, you can visit Wired News to learn more about Printing Organs on demand.

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