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That Sharp Pain in your Chest

Posted by Failed Success on 04/07/06 at 10:10 PM

Chest PainDo you ever get a piercing pain in your chest, usually on your left side under your rib, which almost feels like a bubble ready to burst?

It causes you to catch your breath, and you try not to breathe in or breathe out too much because it’s extremely painful either way. You take short, staggered breaths and try not to move. Finally, you work up the courage to take a sharp inhale or exhale. You feel a sensation similar to a bubble bursting and the pain is gone.

What is this strange sensation that is so painful and uncomfortable? It is actually a very common condition and most people have experienced it. The medical term for this occurrence is Precordial Catch Syndrome.

Many people mistakenly believe that they are having a heart attack at the onset of this type of pain. While the pain is strong and located in an area that would seem like the heart, this condition is not a heart attack, nor is it heart related.

Precordial Catch Syndrome (PCS) is the most common cause of recurring chest pain. It is also sometimes known as “a stitch in the side” or “Texidor’s twinge”. It occurs most often in children and teenagers, but does persist into adulthood as well. The pain occurs just under the left nipple, near where you feel the heart beat most strongly on the front of the chest, and comes on very suddenly.

Nerve DiagramThis extremely sharp pain causes a person to not want to move or breathe. This is where the “catch” part of the name is derived. Any movement or breathing only seems to intensify the pain. The pain usually lasts for around 30 seconds to 1 minute before disappearing. Sometimes the pain will suddenly disappear upon taking a strong breath or moving suddenly as well. This can almost feel like a pop of an imaginary bubble.  After the pain is gone, there is usually a dull ache that lingers.

These onsets of pain can occur frequently, sometimes several times a day, and can occur when exercising, resting, or when in virtually any other state. Doctors have not been able to correlate PCS with any particular triggers, such as heavy activity or the like. However, there are some doctors that believe things like heavy or irregular breathing or even posture could play some type of role in bringing about an episode of PCS.

At this time, doctors and researchers do not know what causes the pain associated with PCS. The most accepted theory is that the pain is the result of a pinched nerve somewhere. Due to the fact that the onsets of PCS are so quick and disappear just as quickly, it’s hard for doctors to actually see the condition in action.

While doctors aren’t sure of the actual causes, they are sure that it poses no danger. They believe it to be a completely benign condition and is most certainly not cause for alarm. For this reason, there is not a lot of information or studies regarding the physical cause of PCS available. Doctors feel no need to intensify study of something they know to be only a minor inconvenience.

The only real worry is that sometimes, what seemed like PCS, could possibly turn out to be something more serious. The following are signs of more concerning illness:

- Chest pain that extends into the left side of the jaw or arm
- Chest pain that a person describes as a “heavy” feeling
- Pain that does not improve at least a little after 24 hours of regular doses of ibuprofen
- Fever
- Cough, especially a cough that produces phlegm ("flem," or “flame")
- Extreme anxiety with the pain or a feeling of “impending doom”
- Blueness or paleness of the lips or fingernails
- An irregular, rapid, or pounding heart rate
- Marked difficulty breathing or catching one’s breath (different from mild pain with breathing)

If any of these occur, please be sure to call your doctor’s office right away. These could be indications of a more serious and potentially threatening condition.

DoctorPeople experiencing PCS need no particular treatment at all. Usually, just the reassurance that they aren’t having something dangerous happening is all that they need to hear to set their minds at ease. PCS should not interfere with normal activity, and there’s no reason to use any form of medication.

If you are experiencing PCS, it may be worth a visit to the doctor just to go over the symptoms to be sure that it is not a different condition that could be more serious. Doctors can easily tell the difference between a serious heart condition and Precordial Catch Syndrome just by talking with the patient, and doing a physical examination.

In the meantime, you can rest assured that your extremely painful, stabbing feeling is completely normal and only a minor inconvenience. And remember, the key to getting rid of the pain quickly is to just work up the courage to take that deep breath, scream in pain, and be done with it.

Further Reading:

- Precordial Catch Syndrome at Pediatric Planet
- Chest Pain at About Kids Health
- Chronic Abdominal and Chest Pains at Postgraduate Medicine
- What Causes Chronic Chest Pain at Pediatric Education
- Some People’s Experiences with this chest pain at Med Help International

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Similar Conditions:

Costochondritis is another very common form of chest pain with similar symptoms resulting from soreness of the joints between the ribs, breastbone, and sternum. The pain and soreness typically last longer than that of PCS and have more clearly defined causes and triggers. With adults, the symptoms are pretty similar to that of heart conditions and a person experiencing them should consult with their doctor to make sure that it isn’t something more serious. Learn more about Costochondritis at EMedicineHealth.com (Thanks Jake)

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  1. I kinda get this but it happen very often and lasting longer i timed it by a clock for 3 to 5 mins and it is starting again it used to happen twice a day for over a week. When i wake up i start to cry because i am alive. When i get the attack i lie down because i cant stand i tried and fell. It gets harder to breath then everything starts to hurt if i try to move it is extreme pain tears run down my cheeks from the pain. It feel like a thousand needles going in my body part that moves especially when i breath. It gets worse and worse over a week then then a week or few weeks later it stops. I am posting this maybe someone could help me.

    Posted by Help  on  12/07/09  at  08:49 PM
  2. I use to get that pain quite frequently until I stop drinking artificial sweeteners, especially splenda (which I think is actually sucrose). Now I can’t remember the last time I had an episode.

    Posted by Tiff  on  12/04/09  at  09:14 PM
  3. I’ve had this for years! It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing, it can hit any time. Suddenly I get a really shart pain like being stabbed just below my left breast. I have to freeze in place while it happens and it usually goes away in a few seconds. I usually make a sound or cry out involuntarily and of course whoever I’m with says “what’s wrong?” and usually by that point I’m able to say say “had a pain, it’s gone now” and go back to what I was doing. Sometimes though it lasts longer and I have to not move and take very shallow breaths as long as the pain is there. It seems like if I breathe in deep enough just once the pain peaks and then goes away...but it hurts too much to do that sometimes so I just wait. I had one of these just now that lasted several minutes and didn’t go away till I got up the courage to take that deep breath.
    I went to the doctor about this once about 4 years back when I was 19 and wasted a lot of money on xrays and tests. In the end the doctor told me it might be from wearing underwire bras which was absolute rubbish. I came out of the doc crying cause I knew what a waste it all was and I thought something was really wrong. I’m really reassured to read this because it really describes exactly what I’ve felt. It’s nice to have a name for it too so now I can tell my friends why I suddenly stop moving when I’m walking with them. Maybe they won’t be so worried now, or stop thinking that I’m crazy…

    Posted by Dee  on  12/04/09  at  09:01 PM
  4. oh i am so happy that it was not something more serious! when i told my parents about it they didn’t know what it was. thank you who ever researched and posted this, now i can worry less. =]

    Posted by a thankful person  on  12/04/09  at  09:00 AM
  5. My chest hurts. Im 17 and im suffering with stress, i’ve heard this could be something called angina and Im now TERRIFIED! I began the week with stomache pains that have now lead up to the chest and now in my heart :/. Seriously what is wrong with me! HELP!

    Posted by Georgia  on  12/04/09  at  03:19 AM
  6. Yea once i had one for the whole night and ive had reacuring ones for up to six hours but then it bursts and i feel ok is there anything i can do to stop this????

    Posted by kat111  on  12/03/09  at  05:23 PM
  7. well, good to know i can google my symptoms anytime and get a decent response :D my bubble popped :D

    Posted by sasquatchman  on  12/03/09  at  05:08 AM
  8. Im very releived! Im 20 yrs old and I have been having these pains randomly since I was in about 4th grade! (usually about once every few months) I have asked a couple doctors about 6 yrs ago, because it became more frequent. They told me they didnt really know what it could be, but it was not life threatning. I was still worried and curious up until reading this! This is exactly what I feel.

    Posted by manda.k  on  12/02/09  at  04:36 PM
  9. Had this exact same problem for about 30 years (44now). Been to Drs and Hospital and explained it to them as described above. Never once was PCS mentioned to me!!!! When I read the description and other peoples examples of not being able to breath properly for a minute or so I was amazed. I have been absolutely convinced for years I was about to die and must have a faulty heart!!!!! Drs suck............ I dont think they know about this. Well Dr Google you have cheered me up no end!!!

    Posted by Mr Foz  on  12/01/09  at  07:29 AM
  10. I’m 19 now, but I’ve had this for as long as I can remember. When I first started getting them, I freaked out and didn’t know what it was. I never actually let it “pop” because I always thought it would make my heart burst or something. Everytime it happened, I would the pound that part that hurt a couple times, and it would go away. I never let it sit there without doing anything, so I’m not sure how long it would last if I didn’t hit it. I did a lot of reading about it, and your posture MIGHT have something to do with it, so try to sit and stand straight whenever possible.

    Posted by Kari  on  11/30/09  at  05:17 AM
  11. i got this pain too but it just developed out of drinking to many energy drink’s and caffeine pill’s mabye? and i dont know if that is good or not for the heart but im only 17 and still in college anybody wana help me out?

    Posted by Danny Richie  on  11/27/09  at  06:58 PM
  12. Thank you , I am going on 20 yrs old & have been experiencing this since i was about 12 or 13. I just got done having another one of these “sharp pains” to me it feels like a knife is stabbing me in my chest and i have to be still until it stops. It is very hard to breathe in or out and lasts from 1 minute to 10 minutes for me. I have never been to the doctor for it. But i feel much better now that i have read this. Although i had a feeling it wasn’t a big deal , i still wasn’t sure so it makes me feel much better to know that a whole lot of other people have the excact same thing and it ain’t just me. whew ! what a relief ! Thanks so much!! I just hope it gets better for everyone and maybe we can find a cure one day. These pains can really make you worry!

    Posted by Angel  on  11/22/09  at  06:45 PM
  13. After reading this I have put my mind at ease,I have been suffering with this pain for about 2 years now or maybe even more but just recently I had got rushed to the hospital because of it,I thought I was having a heary attack.
    They then said I might of had a blood clot in my lung and I was treated for that and it seemed to work,im now on pain killers to cure it but as I know what it could be now ill just try to move about and take some deep breathes.
    Thank you very muchthis has helped me out very much.

    Posted by emmajane  on  11/21/09  at  02:21 PM
  14. yea i get those pains in fact i have something like that right now. I was in school one day in a class and it felt like a knife just when traight threw my chest but it was my right side that day. The pain now is my left? should i be worried or not. I havent told my mother or anything yet. I get these pains frequently but not everyday

    Posted by Taylor  on  11/19/09  at  07:03 PM
  15. Hi,
    I used to get this maybe twice a year, and they lasted about 2 minuts. 3 nights ago however, I had the most severe one...I was feeling stabbed not only on my left side under the breast, but also in my collar bone and in my shoulder blade. It stayed for 2 hours. I could absolutely not breath more than fraction of a second, and the only position I could breathe even that much was lying down on my right side.
    Funny how it was resolved: I was taking some pills, while on my side, and the water jumped down the wrong pipe...so I started coughing...painful...and then suddenly the torture disappeard.

    Never had it severe like this before.

    Posted by Nas  on  11/19/09  at  01:30 AM
  16. Yeah, i got PCS, but it lasts for like 2hrs or so. So it may be costochondritis.  Anyway, this website is amazing, and it really helped me!!!

    Posted by Elle  on  11/13/09  at  12:26 PM
  17. I have exactly these symptoms, pain that comes with inhaling, but my B/P is normal and HR normal at 60 to 70 all the time. But the thing is, my pain last for hours on and off. I also do heavy weight exercises and I was wondering if that could be a factor.

    Posted by Brendy  on  11/12/09  at  05:38 AM
  18. so, im 25 now and i have had these pains since i was about 9! i just had one of the strongest attacks ever, so i had to google it and see what i could find out. my mom has been trying to tell me for years that i had heartburn or indigestion. i wasnt buying it though. they have been getting worse and closer together. i have had at least 2 attacks/day for about 2 weeks now. i wish they would find a cure already!

    Posted by kita keet  on  11/11/09  at  11:03 PM
  19. I’ve had this for at least 5 years.  I’m 23 and I thought this problem was because I had asthma (due to mold in our basement) when I was 13 or so.  I’m so glad to know I’m not dying because I feel like it when I have these episodes.  Mine is a quick ‘stabbing’ feeling with I inhale and sometimes when I exhale.  It feels like its in my lungs...usually on the left side.  I don’t want to move and I can only take small short breaths because if I breathe deeply, the pain is only intensified.  I have no method of getting rid of it as its happening, I can only wait for it to pass and then I can breathe deeply again.  And when I finally able to breathe deep, it’s so relieving!  Thank you for this info, I hope I grow out of this…

    Posted by Lauren  on  11/11/09  at  02:55 PM
  20. I was completely reassured by this until the end conditions list of anxiety, cough, and shortness of breath.  If I’m having the sharp pain in my chest, cough with phlem, shortness of breath along with anxiety, what does that mean instead?  Could the chest pain be because of the anxiety?


    Posted by Lowen  on  11/09/09  at  02:42 AM
  21. haha I get this like every 1-2 weeks; at first it was scary but I was told to take deep breaths and nowadays when I get them the pain is barely there because it’s almost instinctual by now that I take deep breaths. I even take them somewhat rapidly but it still helps.

    Posted by josh  on  11/09/09  at  01:46 AM
  22. I’m 37 and I’ve been having this exact pain for as long as I could remember. It happens maybe once every couple of months and scares me tremendously. Most of the time it happens when I’m lying down, but not always. I’m am reasured by what I read however, still very nervous about it developing into something worse.

    Posted by NicMac  on  11/08/09  at  05:39 PM
  23. i have these attacks and they occur under my left rib staying the same length of time but they have been growing. it’s like a knife stabbing me while i take my breaths. and i can only take in a tiny barly breath to a certain extent before the stabbing pain comes. it has recently gone away but a shorter pain is now coming from higher in my heart in like i would say the right side of my heart. it’s not as painful as before and has moved. should i get checked outt?

    Posted by kelly  on  11/04/09  at  09:00 PM
  24. thank you. I just got a pain in my chest very similuary to what you described, I am 18 and got a quite a fright and decided to search the pain. thanks for the reassurance

    Posted by jan  on  11/04/09  at  02:03 PM
  25. This always happens to me it goes away when i hold in my breath and exhale softly then i take small breaths and its gone. it’s very annoying!

    Posted by Luca  on  10/31/09  at  11:04 PM
  26. thankyou for this imformaiton i am so releaved,
    im 12 and i have had this pain were my heart is for about 2 years on and off randomly i got woriied that it was somthing serious but it couldent go on for 2 years if i did havesomething serious i now know i have nonthing serious wrong with me because i dont have any of them symtoms so i feel so more free
    (thanks phoenix)

    Posted by thankyou  on  10/29/09  at  04:55 PM
  27. this is all right but it doesnt really explain it very well. im 14 and i have had this condition for about a year. i would suddenly get a stabbing pain in the middle of my chest and it would come and go for about 5 minutes. to be honest i didnt think much of it untill about 5 days ago i got the pain and then i couldnt breathe properly. i started hyperventilatin and everything and i had this pain for about 5 hours. i even went hospital and they didnt say anythin about pcs. just dat i might of had a tear in my lung....

    Posted by becci  on  10/25/09  at  01:20 PM
  28. Awesome, finally a great description of this. I’ve looked on about four other sources and got no answer. It’s reassuring to know that this is common. The longest this has happened to me was about 5 minutes and I finally got sick of it and decided to take a deep breath and it felt as if something popped, like the first paragraph said. Acutally that first paragraph made me smile because it was exactly what I’ve been experiencing

    Posted by Tim  on  10/22/09  at  08:08 PM
  29. i m 37 year old have this sharp pain on my left side under my ribcage, which I experience every so often, ,takes me by surprise and takes my breath away.i have no problem with breathing i daily goes 8 km walk in 1 hour without any sweating without any problem . this pain occurs for only for 2-3 seconds ,now after that pain i have muscle type pain on my chest can u pl tell what is this

    Posted by gurpreet  on  10/18/09  at  09:06 AM
  30. I’m 21, and I’ve had this since about 13. My mum tells me both her and my grandfather had it in their youth. I’ve always just lived with it, but my friends tell me I’m strange whenever I mention I have bubbles popping in my chest. Have had chest x-rays and they’ve all been normal. It’s great that I finally found out what this condition is called, and it’s a great relief to know that it’s benign. I was terrified something was wrong with heart, but phew!

    Posted by Sara  on  10/15/09  at  07:13 PM
  31. Hi there i am some what older than most of you haha 29 and have quite often suffered these awful sabbing pains right at the top of my chest near my collar bone that shoots up into my neck like a sharp needle pain, what on earth could it be any one get this?
    I also suffer from alot of pvts’’s like eptopic beats which is sooo scarey it feels like my heart stops and kicks in again i go all dizzy and catch my breath sometimes i feel my heart will stop x

    Posted by Lee-Anne Perrett  on  10/12/09  at  05:26 AM
  32. My daughter is 8 years old and she has been suffering from chest pain for a few months. This is the second time we have taken her to the ER. It is a relief to have a name for the condition. I can’t believe there is no treatment.  They have a treatment for headache, stomomac pain, cramps.. Why not for this type of chest pain.  It is awefull to see my daughter in pain sometimes 3x’s a night. Im going to seach for a holistic approach.

    Posted by Renee  on  10/08/09  at  02:17 PM
  33. While i was reading this i was like OMG this is what i get and i am relieved it is nothing serious. Thanks guys

    Posted by Beth  on  10/08/09  at  12:31 PM
  34. i have also had these chest pains & i went to the doctor & he said it was a muscularskeleteal pain

    Posted by h  on  10/07/09  at  12:26 PM
  35. yes i get this pain under my left side like a stabbing pain i have to clutch it tight with my hand, it soon goes away, really had me worried as i though it might of been my diet or because i smoke, which i do need to pack in.

    Posted by Danny  on  10/06/09  at  12:49 PM
  36. Very helpful and put my mind at ease… thanks!

    Posted by MC  on  10/05/09  at  01:11 PM
  37. I dont know why i did’nt look this up sooner.. I’m now happy this is nothing really serious!! And that I should take a deep breath once it occurs.  Been too scared to - sometimes I double up in pain.. Felt a small twinge the other day but took regular deep breaths and seemed to work.  Good luck everyone..

    Posted by Barbs  on  09/28/09  at  09:04 AM
  38. It is such a relief to put a name to the pain. I’ve been getting this two-three times a year for the past two years, each time it goes on-off for about a week. I was in the DIY store once when it caught on. I was litereally frozen in the spot, holding on to the trolley and blocking everyone’s way (but I couldn’t move I was in so much pain.) It’s good to know that I’m not having a heart attack as this describes perfectly what I’ve been experiencing.

    Posted by JenG  on  09/26/09  at  06:54 PM
  39. Thank you so much for explaining my pain!! Now, I don’t have as much worry as I did before. I started to have this pain when I was in 6th grade. I am in 10th now. I don’t get the pain as much as I used to.

    Posted by NightNinja  on  09/24/09  at  01:05 PM
  40. I am 22, and have had these pain very rarely since i can remember. I have had about 3 occurances in about a week recently, and one lasted about half an hour, untill i managed to escape it with sleep! I was starting to panic, because it has never lasted that long. I managed to calm myself, and slow my breathing to get to sleep.

    Posted by Ben  on  09/15/09  at  04:23 AM
  41. I’ve had a sharp pain in my chest that comes random a few times a day for like, 2 months, i’m 19. At first i thought it was kidney stones cause I had trouble pissin and my chest hurt and my kidney’s kinda too,I went to the first dr. and he gave me anti biotics and said it was just a kidney infection,it got a lil, better but still had chest pain. i had a x-ray and he said it was fine. second time had an ekg and nothin, gave me more anti biotics.A Few weeks l8r went to the hospital, cause I still had those pain’s drank a couple bottles of water with iodine to make my kidney’s glow when i got a cat-scan then they said no stones thank god by this time i was convinced it wasn’t stones(that was freekin me out most), then last time i went to the dr., he set up a stress test on my heart, haven’t got the new’s back yet, but i think it’ll turn up fine,but i’m still having pain in my chest...Buuut i smoke ALOT of weed lol, and occasionally do acid, a lil blow and very seldom smoke opium, i’m starting to think thats the problem, <sigh> ,but what i’m gettin at is if anyone else are having simular problems could you post your woe’s and sorrow’s lol

    Posted by macNcheesePocola  on  09/12/09  at  05:22 PM
  42. Yeah, I’ve had these symptoms too....but I also have pain rediating down my left arm and up my neck, all around my head, and into my jaw and legs. It’s so wierd because I’ve been to pediatric doctors and heart specialists and they all think that I have something different - I’ve been in hospitals for weeks o nend due to complications from this pain and treatments, and I’m missing out on a lot of my social life due to this serious condition.  I hope it’s just a serious form of this disease...and I can be treated and go back to my normal life again.  I’m only 15 years old! I wish myself luck, and all of you guys who come here for answers with similar pains/discomforts.  Love, Megan

    Posted by Megan  on  09/11/09  at  08:13 AM
  43. yeah i get the same pain too ... right under my heart .. but if you get these pains while laying down you should get up and change positions ... the pain i feel only last for like two seconds because ilearned to immdialty get up and change postions… so yeah just try to cahnge postions

    Posted by Remeber that one time ... haha good times lols  on  08/01/09  at  04:26 AM
  44. Thanks! I am so reassured by this. I first had this short stabbing pain 8 or 9 years ago when I was 30. I actually remember the moment - Guare du Nord Paris after getting off the Eurostar. I thought I was having a heart attack and was so worried. I went to a Doctor and she told me it was an anxiety attack. Since then I’ve had it on and off and the one I just had made me finally google it. Thank god, the symptoms above describe it perfectly...Yay, It’s not a dogdy heart!

    Posted by Mandy  on  07/29/09  at  01:17 AM
  45. I have this sharp pain on my left side under my ribcage, which I experience every so often, just out of the blue ,takes me by surprise and takes my breath away.  I’m also a smoker which dosn’t help the problem, as I feel it may have to do with the lack of oxygen in the lungs or the build up of carbon monoxide in the lungs.  I feel more at ease now, knowing that this is quite common in a lot of different aged people.

    Posted by Lavain Beveridge  on  07/25/09  at  07:41 PM
  46. hi, im 19 i been getting sharp heavy pains in my middle of my chest that sometimes makes me lose my breath and almost pass out. Sometimes they will just be really heavy and take a while to get rid of so i would have to stand up and walk around for a while and take deep breaths. does anyone know what the reason of this is? or has the same as me?

    Posted by kyle scott  on  07/24/09  at  10:09 PM
  47. Okay not good… after checking several sites for more information these episodes last 30 sec- 3 minutes? I woke up… 11am...it is now 2:15pm and i still feel it

    Posted by Callum from Barnsley  on  07/22/09  at  07:14 AM
  48. Hi,
    Okay i’m 14 and i’ve noticed several things going off in the past few days.
    Summer holidays: Day one:

    Hands and feet...cold

    Day Two:

    Cold everywhere, mild hypothermia

    Day Three: Same thing, but woke up with a terrible ache around my body, felt very weak.

    Day Four: I have these breathing symptoms, taken me a while to figure out where it was hurting exactly… seemed in the middle but its on my left side after several minutes of testing my inhaling… i’ve tried deep breathing (though painful) And everything else suggested… if this article is true then it’s definately re-assured me.

    Is this a permanent condition or does it go away after several days? Wasn’t too clear in the above.

    Posted by Callum from Barnsley  on  07/22/09  at  07:09 AM
  49. I often, about once a month get very bad pains in my chest which can come and go throughout the whole day and sometimes continue on into the next day. What could be the cause of this pain?

    Posted by kimberley  on  07/21/09  at  04:08 PM
  50. THANKS ALLAH ITS NOT TRUE..i am 16 yrs old..now i was in serious pain and i believed that there wont be a problem with my heart because my mom and cousin also has it.

    Posted by naveed ahmad  on  07/20/09  at  05:34 PM
  51. Hey..Im in my early teenage years & i get those pains too. I try not to breath when they occur & obviously i can’t hold my breath for a minute, so i exhale & the sharp pain feels really uncomfortable! So i hold my breath in again & then after a few seconds i exhale & then the pain is finally relieved! I told my mum that i had those pains & she said that it could be caused by staying in the cold when i have a weak chest. I think this could be true. So i think that doctors should Study this chest pain because the things that were mentioned in the article match to what i feel & i would like to know how they r caused so i could try & prevent them from happening. Thank you!

    Posted by Anonymous  on  07/18/09  at  04:41 AM
  52. I just had one and it freaked me out!!! So I grabbed my iPod and googles the problem… Glad to know it’s not life threatening I was really scared!!

    Posted by Jay  on  07/16/09  at  10:52 PM
  53. It would be good if when you go to a GP, they would explain exactly what this was.  Telling someone that it’s nothing to worry about and giving no further information is not very reassuring.
    Even though I have been experiencing this since my teens, I have never found out what it was until now (I’m 30).  I thought I had a heart attack or a blood clot waiting to happen.  If I was doing a sport and I felt it, I would stop because I thought it was because I was pushing myself too hard.  Now I know better.
    Very informative.

    Posted by Kay Veekay  on  07/15/09  at  08:15 AM
  54. Most of this article seems to fit but a few little details.
    I’m 14, maybe had the pain for three years? Only it doesn’t occur regularly, maybe every few months. My mom thought it would be an anxiety attack so I looked up the symptoms to that and it didn’t seem nearly as painful as what was really happening. I would to to the school nurse and tell her I thought my heart popped, she thought I was crazy but didn’t turn me down. Every time it happened she’d do everything, take my blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, everything. Since the “attack” only lasted about fifteen seconds and went away, there was nothing she could do about it but log which days it happened. My friends thought I was crazy and that I was fine but that just got me worrying even more. Could it happen from anxiety? Maybe. It may be just me but this article really helped calm me down.

    Posted by Hayley  on  07/15/09  at  12:20 AM
  55. yea hey im 13 n i get those chestpains all the time n they hurt!!it happens in skule n i cant concentrate!!!mine even lasted around an hour!!!wen i get them i collapse to the ground n try my best not to breath!!n the doctors think its jus a minor inconvenience wen its seems so much bigger!!i worry my mom alot with PCS because ill be walkin around the house jus find n then then collapse to the ground..n the 1st time i got it i had no idea wut it was n i was in my room n my moms room was down the hall n i cldnt scream for her so i sat there in pain!!it really sucks n i wish the doctors came up wit a freakin cure already!!

    Posted by Katelynn  on  07/12/09  at  11:37 PM
  56. i’m 12 and i’m experiencing pain as well....i don’t know if i’m too young
    to experience this but sometimes it happens on both sides of my chest.
    its really painful...and it happens like every twenty minutes.  i hope its nothing serious or anything but....if its normal, i guess i have to grow out of it.  it comes strong...and it makes me feel like i have some other serious disease but....thank goodness it might not be it....thank goodness its only normal O-O...i hope....

    Posted by lostinworld  on  07/12/09  at  12:09 PM
  57. im 15 and i been having the pain since seven in the morning and it is still going but not as bad as before should i be worried

    Posted by marco80'sstraightedge  on  07/08/09  at  10:34 PM
  58. Well i read this articale and probably have PCS. My pains occur in the same area but may last for hours to minutes. I went to a cardioligist and he said it had to da something with the musels in my chest wall. Also docters said it was caused by asthma. My grandfather said when he was my age he had the same thing. Now he is 66 years old and has irregular hert beats every few weeks. Is this what will happend to us who have PCS when we get older??

    Posted by Unadintified  on  07/08/09  at  05:29 PM
  59. Im 15 and i feel it on the right side too right now i feel heart pain in my valves what does that mean?

    Posted by Tia  on  07/08/09  at  02:09 PM
  60. I have been having chest pains lately,and i’m so scared to go to the doctor.I’m 33yrs old,and even though on my mothers side they have heart disease,how can i be sure that i don’t have it.

    Posted by larisha1  on  06/28/09  at  05:24 PM
  61. Help!!!,

    I was under extreme pressure or stress, whatever one wants to call it while at work. I had an encounter with an employee which was verbal at first, then she proceeded to charge at me and PUSH. About 4 Min or more not exceeding 10 Min, I felt a sharp pain in my chest and down my spine which bent me over in pain for about up to a min. This has happened once before but it was while i was exercising and not stress as it was tonight. CAN SOMEONE IF THEY KNOW LET ME KNOW WHATS GOING ON.

    Posted by Hello  on  06/27/09  at  10:40 PM
  62. Finally an answer, I’m 20 years old and I have been having these pains on and off for about I think 3 years, I asked my doctor and he said it was nothing that it was normal..but never told me WHAT it was..I’m thankful to know I’m not dying -.- and this usually happens when I’m gassy. Actually I JUST had one not too long ago..all I was doing was laying on my back and then BAM it happened...weird

    Posted by WryWry  on  06/27/09  at  05:39 AM
  63. Thanks a lot this was helpful to me.

    Posted by Josh  on  06/25/09  at  03:34 PM
  64. I always wondered what this was. Never been a big issue in my life, but a little scary when I was younger. Used to happen pretty frequently when I was younger, but now just occasionally as an adult.

    Posted by nate154  on  06/25/09  at  03:20 PM
  65. I sometimes get a sharp pain underneath my left breast and feels like a painful stitch of some kind. This can happen all of the sudden with no apparent reason. Sometimes I get worried as though I am having a heart attack as It can be very painful and it hurts even more if I bend over or move.

    I have just turned 40 and that is one reason I do worry about this painful condition as my father also died of a heart attack at the early age of 51.


    Posted by Jan  on  06/23/09  at  10:17 PM
  66. I’ve had this since I was very young. I don’t know why I never looked it up on the web…

    Well it’s relieving knowing it’s just a common occurrence :)

    Posted by josh  on  06/23/09  at  04:02 AM
  67. I’m 58 and recently got this pain the day after being in a car for 8 hours. I went shopping the next day and suddenly - wham! - I was poleaxed. Your description of the symptoms is exactly right and I found your article very clear and reassuring.

    Posted by Lucy  on  06/23/09  at  02:01 AM
  68. I am 14 years old. I was playing some games online when I just so happened to feel a sharp pain in my chest. I had no clue what it was, or how to get rid of it, and it eventually got really annoying. so I googled “hurts to breathe in” and came to this page, where it told me what it was, and exactly how to get rid of it. this is the most helpful page I have read in a long, long time.

    Posted by Jack  on  06/20/09  at  05:35 PM
  69. Thank you so much for explaining this, i’ve tried to tell me doctors since i was little and never could get an answer

    Posted by Tanya shaw  on  06/19/09  at  06:21 AM
  70. halo
    i had this pain since i was a few yrs old or in other words;since i can remember but it was like a 3 or 2 second pain.as i got older now 21 my pain is grater,it got grater every yr.now it can last for 3 minutes and in 2003 i remember heaving it for an 1hr or 2.when i tap my chest hard when it hurts i feel like something is flowing and the pain goes away.

    Posted by cesar  on  06/18/09  at  05:51 PM
  71. Hi i dont really know the feeling to the pain but my boyfriend has been having these sharp pains since we’ve been together.he told me that it feels like hes getting stabbed rigt in his left area. he does have to catch his breath also he seems to not be able to move while he’s having these very sharp and painful while.It does last around a minute or so goes away and then comes right back.he gets them about every day.hes gone to the ER to get checked but all they have to say is that its nothing and that it’ll go away. i dont know if we should go to a different hospital or what to do.
    i just want some advice and info if possible to what this is.

    Posted by ortuno's girl  on  06/18/09  at  03:27 PM
  72. I’m 16 and i completely agree with michael from wisconsin. i am SO glad it is not severe. i was really freaked out. REALLY freaked out.

    Posted by Clint from California  on  06/18/09  at  04:29 AM
  73. Thank you so much for providing this information! I’ve been experiencing this since around grade 7, although it would happen to me more often then, whereas now it’s pretty rare (I’m 18). I was going around for all this time thinking I had some sort of heart problem, and reading this has been a HUGE relief!

    Posted by SamFellin  on  06/17/09  at  10:19 PM
  74. When I was about 7 years old I started having severe, stabbing pain in the left side of my chest. Because I had recently recovered from pneumonia I assumed that was the cause of the pain. As time went by and the pain persisted, I knew it was coming from something else, but I didn’t know what. Now concerned, I began mentioning the pain to every doctor I saw, only to have it completely disregarded by all of them. (The only people who believed me were my parents.) Discouraged, I stopped bringing it up and learned to live with the sometimes paralyzing pain. Although the attacks had no pattern, I noticed that during the summer, when I would rock climb, the pain was not as bad. Acting on this, I began to do exercises that would strengthen my back muscles such as rock climbing, swimming, or weight training. Maintaining good posture helps as well. Now at the age of 15, I still experience the pain caused from precordial catch syndrome, but it is not as bad as it once was. Although I doubt that the pain will ever go away, strengthening my back muscles seems to have helped.

    I hope this will help you.

    Posted by Shannon L  on  06/17/09  at  06:29 PM
  75. hi,
    am 25 yrs of age. I have been having this sharp pain at the left hand side of my chest for awhile now,first i thought it was a heart related illness or something else.But am most uncomfortable with the pain.Is there no known drug one can take to reduce or if possible stop the pain?Am getting worried every seconds the pain comes and goes.pls help!!!!

    Posted by johnson azubuike  on  04/17/09  at  11:46 AM
  76. how do you get posts off this page...i would like to delete a post i recently posted...where is the contact information

    Posted by ((((((((((ADMIN))))))))))  on  04/16/09  at  03:03 PM
  77. I’m 15 years old and I too experience this sharp but brief pain on the left side of my chest. Everything discussed in the article sounds like what I’m experiencing. As for the “just take a deep breathe” technique… I do think it works. However, when I try to take these deep breathe’s, the sharp pain either intensifies severly to the point where I feel like something wrong with my heart will happen or nothing happens at all. Either way it only lasts very briefly so I just tell myself “1 minute of short breathing & I’m done… “ then I go for a deep breathe. Glad to know it’s nothing serious… for a second I thought the pain felt so bad that it was something very serious, especially in teenage years. Happy to hear that’s not the case though. :]

    Posted by Michael from Wisconsin :]  on  04/15/09  at  06:16 PM
  78. Well about a month ago i got a couple of sharp pains in the middle or my chest. This then went on to start in the left hand side of my chest...just at the bottom of my rib cage. I also get pains shooting across my back which tends to be more to the left also.

    Im soooo glad i found this website. I have no idea what made me look here as ive never heard of PCS before ...ive had test after test and they all came back fine. Had laods of ECG’S xrays and can;t remember how many pints of blood! was a really frustrating. And still sat here signed off work as ive had no real Diagnosis on what is wrong with me. Though as the Docotor said its somthing she thought of but they go trought the process of elimination..making sure they have crossed everything else of the list before saying i actually have this. im 99% sure that this is what is wrong with me.

    Feel so much happyyier about it all...althought still in allot of pain i feel i can cope with it now knowing that there really is NOTHING wrong with my heart :) PHEW!!! i just needed some sort of name..or closer as it were. So glad i found this :)

    Posted by Michelle  on  04/15/09  at  05:11 AM
  79. right side of your chest! small penis!!?? this is clearly signs that you have pre-menstrual retardation and is a serious disease! run, dont walk to your nearest doctor and pull down your pants and tell them “grab my nipple my chest hurts and my wieners a inny!!” they will know what to do, treatment is needed!!

    Posted by stefan  on  04/14/09  at  03:32 AM
  80. i have had this pain sense i was a young boy. it seems to be more frequent now that my blood sugars are high. its scary and noone has ever been able to tell me what it is. im am so so releived to hear that its not as serious as it feels. i hope that someday we learn how to stop this pain all togather.

    Posted by stefan  on  04/14/09  at  03:27 AM
  81. I’m a 44 year old female and have been experiencing these sharp pains on and off for years and finally thought I’d google it, tired of not knowing what it was.  I also thought because it was so intermittent it was probably nothing serious - and it doesn’t seem to have a regular trigger.  I’ve had it standing, sitting, but lately when I lie down in bed.  Precordial Catch Syndrome is exactly what I have in the left side of my chest and I always described it to myself as a feeling like having to burs an air bubble in my vein or artery - the pain is excrutiating and literally takes my breath away but I know I have to take a breath because that gets rid of it, too. Now I’m so pleased to see it described in exact detail.  Yay!  Thanks!

    Posted by Gail  on  04/13/09  at  08:36 PM
  82. I think I have this. Before that last few days when I would get this, it would only last for a couple seconds, but its been going on for the last 3 and a half days so I am a little worried about it. Even when I do take motrin, the pain doesn’t go away. Im worried that something else is wrong. If I take a deep breath in and then release the air, it feels like im being jabbed on my left side of my chest. I take shallow breaths and become aggravated really easily...help me!

    Posted by Mad Rice  on  04/12/09  at  01:19 PM
  83. Oh my, I am so grateful for this article. I have suffered from this for years. I assumed everyone did and when I asked other people they all thought I was crazy or suggested indigestion. This website describes my suffering down to a tee!!

    I’m 24 and have suffered from this since I was 12 or 13. Strange though, I still don’t really understand what it is that’s popping… surely popping isn’t good!

    I just got a really bad episode tonight which is what made me google it, otherwise I was going to the doctor on Monday. Thank you, you’ve save me a trip! My sympathies go out to all PCS sufferers!!

    Posted by Louise Storrar  on  04/03/09  at  03:46 PM
  84. I first felt this terrible pain was when I was 10 years old playing ‘thumbs up, thumbs down’, I was doing absolutely nothing, just sitting in my chair with my head on the table, with my thumbs up :o). It hit me all of a sudden, and lasted about 5 minutes. Ever since then, I get the pain on average, every 2-3 months of the year. I am now 27 and the episodes have become more frequent/longer episodes. 2 days ago, the pain came on with a vengeance, so for the first time, I went to the ER. I had been to at least 20 doctors over the last 17 years and told it was nothing, but this time was different I thought. It sure felt the worse it had been. After all the test etc. the diagnosis was Precordial Catch Syndrome. The pain, whilst in hospital lasted a whopping 1hr15mins. It’s still a little sore 2 days on, but it will be okay… till next time. I am very happy that it is not life threatening, but do fear for the day when it strikes at a time when it could put my life in danger. I do have a tendency to panic/have anxiety. I wish someone would come up with a way to make it disappear.
    I am so happy to have found this website and read others stories. It makes me not feel so strange and alone with this condition.

    Posted by Angie  on  04/01/09  at  11:44 PM
  85. I’m a 19-year-old boy and last night i feel so tired and weak. I try to catch my breathe but all of the sudden my heartache and i don’t know why? why there’s a heart aching when I’m tired? not physically, but emotionally.

    Posted by iñigo  on  04/01/09  at  09:30 PM
  86. This is exactly what i experience, most of the time it is not to bad but there has been a few times
    it was so bad the stabbing bubble feeling was so bad i could not breath, the pain was unbearable.
    I drive truck for a living and i had to pull over because i thought i was going to pass out. Most of the time it only last 1 min. and once in a while it can last 1-2 hours. It seems like it last longer
    when I’m sitting on my but all day in my truck smoking a lot.

    Posted by josh  on  03/28/09  at  12:17 AM
  87. I can remember having these as early as grade 4 and they still occur very infrequently.  I am a healthy 20-year-old attending University and until now, I have not known what caused these pains, and simply attributed them to ‘growing pains’ since they happened only about two to three times a year, were very brief and I have no recent family history of illness.  Since I experienced one just a few minutes ago and decided that ‘growing pains’ are no longer a good excuse, I went on google and found this site.  Very informative, thanks.

    Posted by Still Ticking  on  03/25/09  at  04:08 PM
  88. Man, that sharp quick deep breath you have to take to make it go away sucks soooooooooo much. But its the only thing I have found to really stop it. It seems to me like if I take those short breaths for a few minutes for it to go away I always get left with this dull kind of throbbing pain there for a day or so after. I honestly reccomend sucking it up and taking the deep breath it hurts like hell but then it is completely over. I’m 19 and have had this for about 7 or 8 years the worst is when it happens when you are sleeping and you are so used to it that you don’t automatically wake up. instead you have a dream where you clutch your chest and can’t breath until you wake up. I was beginning to think it was all in my head and I was crazy until my fiance found this article. So, my qeustion is, if it is so ‘common’ why is it that none of us have ever heard of it before now?

    Posted by Lyn  on  03/24/09  at  04:38 PM
  89. This is EXACTLY what I have. I started getting them at age 10 and at age 39, I still get it from time to time. Today I had an episode! So happy that there’s a name for it - what a relief, FINALLY!
    I do have shortness of breath (times of not being able to take in a deep “cleansing” breath) but I think that’s stress related - not heart related.

    Posted by Robin  on  03/22/09  at  04:51 PM
  90. I am 57 years old and every now ant then; sometimes every other day for a week, and other times about once every 6 weeks, I get an extremely sharp - like a strong electric shock that knocks be back - but it is very, very quick, perhaps one third of a second. It comes without any warning sign and really terrifies me.  It is a short stab of a pain like someone has just stuck a ice pick in my chest!  It stops me dead in my tracks like momentary paralysis; no matter what I am doing.  Recovering does not take very long, perhaps two or three minutes at the longest. It goes away and can come back in 30 minutes and repeat again.  In between getting zapped by the pain - about3 or 4 minutes after it hits, it feels like is has gone completely.  Then sometimes 30 minutes later; “Zap”, and I am crippled momentarily, and it really hurts.

    The pain hits me a bit left of center of my chest, on the front of my chest.  My concern is that my recovery seems to me to be much quicker than what others on line here have described as lasting five minutes, half and hour, an hour, 24 hours etc.  Am I experiencing the same pain that you have said is not a heart attack?  It comes and goes so quickly, yet hits so intensely and scares me because the pain is so short lived but horrible to feel.  Is there anyway this could be something else?  Where can I read more about this symptom? 

    It is a great concern to me; all five of my aunts, uncles and my father all died of heart attacks before any were more than 52 years old (My father died at 46).  It is odd to hear that something so painful can be benign.

    Thank you, Jim

    Posted by Jim Evans  on  03/21/09  at  06:20 PM
  91. hi, im 15 years old. i beileve i have this syndrome but mother doesnt belive i have any promblems. is there any way that i could check this out without a parent?

    Posted by Ashley  on  03/19/09  at  05:36 PM
  92. just did a cross country and did twice and overdone myself and i have got this really bad pain that want go away

    Posted by daniel  on  03/19/09  at  05:49 AM
  93. i have alot of strees in my life . i am that kind of person who worry about every thing . since awhile a had an accident car which affect my back and neck and prevents me from work and all the problems started . since a while i began to feel a sever pain in my chest and a pain in my left arm also hard to breath normally..and began to have aheadic..after that i started to feel pain in my heart ...i applied for midecal but they did n,t replay yet so i am trying to help self without going vinto the emerency room...but it seems impossiple ...iam really suffering ..can u help me ..iam in 50...thank u.

    Posted by nadia  on  03/18/09  at  09:58 AM
  94. I think I am suffering this Precordial Catch Symdrome. I thought I was having a heart attack, but after going to the hospital I was relieved that the results came that my heart was fine. After looking through the internet, I found this article and maybe this is it. So there is no need for me to worry about then. But I should be more careful though. You’ll never know the heart attack may come.

    Posted by Muhammad Faiz  on  03/18/09  at  07:07 AM
  95. omg :’D I’ve been experiencing EXACTLY what the article’s described and completely relate to all the comments- FINALLY someone understands!
    I’m so glad that it’s normal for teenagers too because for countless years this sudden stabbing pain around my heart would randomly occur for a few seconds and make it so scary to take a deep breath. They should really do studies about whyy it happens though…

    Everybody says it’s gas or I overate, but sometimes it would happen on an empty stomach or during exercise! I now know it’s Precordial Catch Syndrome and will definitely research more. Maybe improving my posture or losing weight will help?

    Posted by Abby  on  03/17/09  at  11:21 PM
  96. Whoever wrote this either did not have a PHD or if they did needs it taken away ASAP, it stated the same thing atleast 3 times for every topic

    “Doctors have not been able to correlate PCS”
    “At this time, doctors and researchers do not know what causes the pain associated with PCS”
    “While doctors aren’t sure of the actual causes”

    I mean ####, if i was dieing of chest pain, the LAST thing i wanna do is read a ongoing topic about how many names it has and the 17 symptons thats are all the same.....CHEST PAIN ON THE LEFT SIDE......

    what happend to smart reporters?

    Posted by iareverystoopid  on  03/15/09  at  10:34 PM
  97. I’m 18 years old i’ve been having this pain on right chest and in the middle of my chest. I never had this kind of pain up until now , is it because of my ADHD? or im i going to have a heartattack?

    Posted by David Bartkowiak  on  03/15/09  at  04:09 AM
  98. i do not feel that helped me do you have any more info

    Posted by diane  on  03/14/09  at  07:32 AM
  99. Hi I was in a work related accident which involved four parts of the body, lower back,l5- s1, left elbow, right neck and shoulder,and left knee, this happened in 8-8-2007, i have been very stressed lately, and started getting very bad chest pains on the left side along with a burning sensation, very bad headaches, and wierd things going on in my eyes and head, this is scareing me, it has been going on for quite a while,can you give me any advice?

    Posted by diane  on  03/14/09  at  07:30 AM
  100. My daughter is nine years old . And has been having stabbing chest pain in the middle of her chest.And at the sides of her chest. She gets stabbing pains in her arms,back and legs. Tingles in her hands and feet. she has this nearly every week.she had a ECG done yesterday that was fine. Know one can tell me why she is getting this pain.Or what it is.

    Posted by NATASHA  on  03/11/09  at  01:01 PM
  101. Im 16 and i always seem to experience this. I just experienced this like 5 min ago. So I decided to Google it… Glad I did. Now I have alot less worry on my mind.

    Posted by Joseph  on  03/10/09  at  10:29 PM
  102. i,m having chest pain i have high blood pressure and i got lot stress on me

    now it tight and just a pain really and my right arm little

    good i be having a small heart attack

    have problems with my heart before and my chest pop

    Posted by sarah  on  03/09/09  at  05:25 PM
  103. I’m 15 , I get this alot. I used to get so nervous. But the weird thing i always found was if i was talking to a friend or something “sometimes” it would just go away… I kinda realized i was giving myself a panick attack getting worried about this. I personally dont like going to the doctors or the hospitol. So this kinda makes me feel alot better. thanks

    Posted by Bella  on  03/06/09  at  12:27 PM
  104. Mathew, I don’t think it has anything to do with your penis size, hahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Posted by SmallCockMathew  on  03/02/09  at  09:53 PM
  105. I have heart problems I have had 7 stents put in already. My left side below my rib cage hurts when I’m doing something or not , not sure what is causing it.......could this be heart related?

    Posted by PAT  on  03/02/09  at  04:46 PM
  106. i am 16 years old and i get very frequent sharp stabbing-liek pains in my chest by me heart and in my back. they usually only last for a few minutes, but they are excruciating to point where i scream sometimes. do you think that this is what it is?

    Posted by Amy M.  on  03/01/09  at  09:47 PM
  107. This is just great! The ‘bubble’ sensation is exactly what I get and taking that breath to get rid of the pain is getting easier and quicker! SO glad it’s this common, although no one else I know has it so thats why I was a bit worried. I thought it was connected to stress or something which was a bit of a puzzle. Glad to know theres no reason to worry.

    Posted by Liz  on  02/28/09  at  03:19 PM
  108. im always getting these pains and i can never breathe, i told my parents and they did nt really care. i dont have time to go to the doctors but the pain is tooo much.

    Posted by c  on  02/28/09  at  07:17 AM
  109. I am 18 years old, i first experienced this sharp pain on the left side of my chest or under breastbone when iam 17, i felt this each time i laugh and took a deep breath. until now i am still have an occasional stabbing pain on the same place and sometimes i experience shortness of breath. i haven’t visited a doctor yet but i planned to.

    i am just hoping that it’s not serious.

    is heart problem hereditary or not? my father had a heart problem but he died because of pancreatitis..your help would be a great pleasure.

    Posted by chen  on  02/27/09  at  03:46 AM
  110. Hello,

    Iam getting pain at right side Chest (Exactly niple),is this Pre Cordial Catch Syndrome or not,if not wahat should i do.

    As you siad,iam getting pain when iam taking deep breath.

    Posted by krishna  on  02/25/09  at  06:16 AM
  111. I love the internet! I have been getting these what I call “Cramps” sometimes when I laugh allot.. Same place as described. just below the left nipple.. And I never feel the “popping” sensation but I can feel what feels like a muscle cramp relaxing.. very strange indeed. BTW I’ve been getting these for about 20 years, I’m 46 and it really sucks as I love to laugh!

    Posted by Stephen Dubois  on  02/23/09  at  12:45 PM
  112. I am 28 years old now and have often had such sharp pain but on both sides of my chest for 10 years now. I only hope that by mine being on both sides does not make a difference. Otherwise it is so heart warming to read your post.

    Posted by Gerald  on  02/23/09  at  04:50 AM
  113. I woke up at 4 am and i felt lik i couldnt breath i had to take short sharp breaths.. the next morning and for 3 days it was the same.. then it went all of the ebove was on my left side of my chest btw.. after all that went it came back but in my right side .. i never get it in my right anymore but i get the pains when i lie on my side or bend over to pick something up it is REALLY! painful and i’m thinking of joining the RAF .. i dont want it to effect my life ... any tips or things to do?

    Posted by Sam  on  02/22/09  at  03:25 PM
  114. Im almost a 16 year old girl and as of almost 3 hours ago this came on. I’ve read all over the place and this website has proved the most useful of any I’ve found. But I’ve tried taking the couragoeus ‘deep breath’ a couple of times. I’ve hollered in pain and it doesn’t help any. My mom used to be a nurse and she said I was having a muscle spasm in my chest, but I wasn’t sure.
    I walked up my stairs and then went into my room then all of a sudden I fell on my bed in excrutiating pain. I couldn’t even breathe at all for 10 minutes. If I could it was an extremely short breath. It’s definitely not as bad as it was, but it still really hurts. This has been reoccuring on and off for about 2 years now, but NEVER as intense and as long as this. I hope it really isn’t something serious. I’ve loaded up on ibuprofen and am waiting for it to pass. If you can help me at all that would be awesome.
    I’ll be coming back to this site every once in a while to see if there are any answers. Thanks alot.
    DJ Henderson :D

    Posted by DJ Henderson  on  02/16/09  at  09:27 PM
  115. Well, this was somewhat helpful.
    I get pains like the ones described here,
    but they’re quite frequent.

    And, I get them on both sides (though, more often on the left).
    And sometimes on my sides.
    They last about 10 seconds to 2 minutes normally, but sometimes they last longer. ( around 7- 10 minutes was longest )

    My friends keep telling me to go get checked out, however, I’m extremely stubborn about how much I dislike hospitals/doctors/clinics.

    Does this sound like PCS?
    Or could it be something more, possibly caused by smoking/toking marijuana?

    Help, please.
    I’m in a bit of pain right now… and I’m going to continue to refuse getting checked out until someone with knowledge on things like this tells me it sounds serious.

    Posted by milkxcore  on  02/12/09  at  07:16 PM
  116. I’m a 15 year old boy and recently I’ve been having pain similar to whats described here. It only hurts when I’m laying down or sitting, breathing causes this sharp rain on the left side of the middle of my abdomen. The pain is nearly nonexistent whenever I am standing and between breaths, if anyone can give some input?

    Posted by Collier  on  02/08/09  at  06:06 AM
  117. I am 15 years old. The first time I experienced the stabbing pain, tightness around the chest and a fluttering heart beat was two-three years ago. It was difficult for me to breath. Each time I take one breathe it would hurt more. I went to the hospital and the doctor said I might be experiencing Gastrointestinal. I didn’t tell them I don’t think that was what caused the chest pain. Some of the symtoms was way off. A year later, the pain started again. I went to a different hospital. I did ECG and ecko. It turned out I have one heart valve that is too thick so it doesn’t work at the normal rate. Since then, my heart have been doing a flip-flop, even when I’m just sitting down. My heart would beat so fast, and then it would come to a sudden stop, nothing happened for one second and then continue a too-slow heart beat, then back to normal pace. No episodes happened when I took the tests. The pain stopped for a year, then it came back. Now I am experiencing it again. I am not sure what to do. The doctor wouldn’t be able to figure out the causes like last time. Please help me.

    Posted by Fern Lee  on  02/07/09  at  11:56 PM
  118. I’m 28 years old I haven’t been to the hospital nor have I found the answer I need I haven’t went to the hospital because they tend to take longer than jobs do..But my problem is neck and shoulder pain also numbed finger tips all on the right side of my body.It feels as though i’m being sqeezed together slowly.If you have any helpful information please let me know..

    Posted by tasha28  on  02/04/09  at  11:14 PM
  119. well I tought this was a heart attack, as I have high blood pressure, and a history of heart problems. did I mention I’m 22, so I was thinking this was kinda strange since I’m fairly young and healthy. I working out and eat right. so before I went to the hospital I stayed home and decided to see what dr. google had to say. turns out It’s just a pinched nerve, probably from a metal bar with weights on iether side that I was doing the night before, without the protection of a squat pad to protect my spine with. so it was probably just the compression of the weight pushing on my spine pressing out the discs inbetween forcing irritation of the nerve leading under my arm pit and going up to my sternum. what do you think?

    Posted by scaredsob2  on  02/02/09  at  10:13 PM
  120. im happy i read this, ive been worried that i had cancer or a disease around my heart for around 10 years now, which made me not want to search it up fearing that i would be right, but now im just happy that i finally searched it up and know it isnt something serious

    Posted by Carl  on  01/31/09  at  11:05 PM
  121. Wow...I never looked it up before because I never had any lingering effects from it (and probably because I was half-afraid at what I’d find), but this sets my mind at ease, somewhat.  At 29, it doesn’t happen often, but it still does strike me every now and then.  Has for the last 10-15 years.  Perfect description...especially the “bubble popping”.

    Posted by biznart  on  01/30/09  at  10:47 AM
  122. I’m 33 and I had this since I was 15.  A doctor told me to put my left arm up and over the back of my head and pull on my left elbow with my right hand (like that one warm up stretch) and take a deep breathe.  Works for me, I do it every time I get that sharp pain.  Hope that helps you ‘cause it really helps me.

    Posted by The Cure  on  01/30/09  at  10:39 AM
  123. I can almost always “bring on the sensation” when I eat KFC. Perhaps researchers would like to study me? Something about KFC causes me to experience this pain shortly after finishing a meal.

    Posted by Justin  on  01/30/09  at  08:40 AM

    Posted by YO  on  01/30/09  at  08:17 AM
  125. It is nice to have a name for this that is something beyond, “growing pains.”

    Posted by Thankful  on  01/30/09  at  08:10 AM
  126. Wow, that is scary. I would sure think it was a heart attack for sure!


    Posted by JOhnny Sakks  on  01/30/09  at  07:16 AM
  127. I have had this condition ever since I can remember - I am 48 years old now. Seems like the older I get the less frequent it occurs.

    I believe it is muscular/bone/posture related more than anything else. Its a pretty scary condition because the pain can be SO strong and sharp. Just breathing can be AWFUL.

    Anyway - It has never been diagnosed. I had never heard nor read anything about it until now.

    Posted by Joel  on  01/30/09  at  06:29 AM
  128. Man, God is such an asshole.

    Posted by uggwar  on  01/30/09  at  03:44 AM
  129. Hi Letty,

    go! see a doctor as fast as possible! This could be really serious!

    Posted by Anon  on  01/30/09  at  02:03 AM
  130. I’ve had this happen to me a lot and only once did I breathe in deeply enough for it to feel like it pops.  Usually I just press hard on my chest and breathe in slowly.  It lets me take a deep breath with no pain, and gets rid of the problem more comfortably.

    Posted by sam  on  01/30/09  at  12:13 AM
  131. I am 22 years old and I have these really horrible chest pains as well! I’m glad to know that PCS isn’t heart related. I have had these chest pains since I was prolly about 15 years old. The doctor told me that it was caused by stress, I have tried many things to relax myself, but it doesn’t seam to help. I probably get chest pains at least once a day. I teach one year olds and these chest pains do slow me down considering I have to be on the go with 15 one year olds all day long. If anyone knows a way I can prevent these chest pains please let me in on the secret, because I feel like the chest pains are to much of an interruption.
    Thank You,

    Posted by Rachelle J.  on  01/26/09  at  11:14 PM
  132. Man, i´ve been feeling exactly that kind of pain you describe 2-3 times a week for at least 5 years (i´m 22). I´ve never tried to breathe deeply, though. I just take short breaths till it disappears.

    Glad to see that it is a known condition that a lot of people have. :)

    Posted by ArK  on  01/26/09  at  06:25 PM
  133. WOW, I’m having the pains as we speak, so I am a bit relieved. Im 20, so i guess that makes me still a teenager..kinda. Everyone keeps telling me to breathe as deep as I can so it will “pop”, but I am too afraid. hehe.
    I know it will only hurt for like 30 seconds, but yikes I don’t wanna.
    I think I’m gonna take one of your advices and just wait it out and keep breathing short breaths.

    Posted by Tina_Rod  on  01/26/09  at  04:29 PM
  134. Thanks so much for this article. Im a 40 year old male in great physical shape( I workout 4-5 times a week), and the above started happening to me when I was about 20. It has only happen a few times but I know when it does as the initail pain is quite intense. I have noticed that it happens when im stressed and when I stress I dont breath properly. I know this because friends have noticed it and they usually remind me to breath. The attacks usually have happend when I was alone. I was getting quite worried as the doctors have failed to give me a solution because by the time I get into a surgery there are no signs of what has happend. I feel a lot better knowing that its a fairly common thing. Thanks again

    Posted by Eddie  on  01/25/09  at  09:30 AM
  135. wow! EVERY single detail this read gives is exactly what happens and I’ve never been able to get anyone else to understand what it’s like, i usually just get a funny look. I’m so glad I found this, it really puts me at ease, sometimes it’s soooo painful and it does come on really quick!ouch!

    Posted by Sarah  on  01/25/09  at  09:29 AM
  136. My goodnesss thank god I thought I had heart disease or somethin

    Woooooo what a relief

    Posted by 17( guy  on  01/24/09  at  09:09 PM
  137. I’ve been suffering with chronic pain that started about eighteen yrs ago mostly on my left side under the ribs like a pressure pain.  Since then the pain has spred to pain under both left and right ribs and is more regular now daily, 60% - 70% of my day is painfilled.  I’ve been through the tests and have fired my healthcare provider, and given up hope.  I now truly believe that I’m going to die from this pain, without ever knowing what the heck did it to me!  Perhaps if the healthcare providers out there were more into a cure for thier patients, than into bleeding the system through thier patients ailments, maybe I wouldn’t be feeling like I’m going to die soon, with no help, or hope!

    Posted by gumby  on  01/24/09  at  10:35 AM
  138. yea i get these real sharp pains on my left side of my chest where i don’t want to move and really hard to catch my breathe and times where i get real dizzy. it freaks me out because it feels like a heart attack its being going on for couple of years now. so do u think its from PCS?

    Posted by brad  on  01/23/09  at  03:28 PM
  139. I couldn’t believe this article when I read it.  Exactly what i’ve had since 18 and now im 40.  Been there done that with the dr.s, they blow me off like im crazy and send me home with motrin, their cure all for everything.  Seems to come on more frequently as I get older, am saddened there is not more information or help for us.  Im sure if a MD experiencd this pain they would do more research, EXCRUCIATING!!!!  Kind of relieved its not life threatning but not totally convinced because how can the body endure such pain with no consenquences.  I can’t even hold my four year old on my left side because it seems like any pressure on the left chest sets pain off.

    Posted by saddened  on  01/22/09  at  10:09 PM
  140. ha! so thats what that is! i always called them “heart bubbles”. good to know. i think posture definetly plays role. i most often feel it when im stooped over work. wow thank you!

    Posted by liz  on  01/22/09  at  07:25 PM
  141. I had this. When I was younger I actually ended up having a heart exam(I can’t think of the medical word for heart exame right now)because of it. I never knew what was wrong with me. Thank you.

    Posted by Ashley  on  01/20/09  at  04:45 PM
  142. I get this sharp feeling in the exact area that is explained above. To the left and below the left nipple. Sometimes the pain a very sharp and sometimes if im in an awkward position for a while it will come on and off, but only minor pain. Usually I just take a very deep breaths until it does not hurt anymore or until i feel that “pop”.  I am 27 and a tall male, I have had this happen for quite a while now but more noticible since I had a series of very bad panic attacks from smoking more than one kind of drugs, i.e marijuana, cocaine, etc. I smoke pretty avidly also. I currently have been drug free for over a year due to that those experiences and since then have noticed it more, prolly due to not being inebriated as much. If you are having these pains i suggest stopping smoking and/or working out more often. That has helped me a lot

    Posted by brad  on  01/18/09  at  11:13 PM
  143. i am a 16 year old boy and i get the sharp pains all the time in the left side of the chest and the only way that really helps is when i grab my chest but then again i can’t stop from doing it it is an instant reaction and when it happens i get short of breath medical conditions run in my family to tell the truth i did not feel them until i quit running a lot

    Posted by Ryan J. L  on  01/18/09  at  09:19 PM
  144. I’m 17 and a boy and i just had one of the sharp pains in my left side right under my left nipple and it felt like i was dying at that moment.i no my heart isnt there but it feels like it is just cuz the beat is right there but it felt like my heart has a tube going down and there was a needle goin up it and stabbing my heart. i thought that it was early signs of heart problems. i get these pains frequently usualy every phew days and they’v only been happening for maybe a year, this is the 1st time i looked it up and its great to see that it has nothing to do with my heart but i did feel the extreme anxiety part the feeling of certain doom but i have anxiety attacks sometimes ne ways so maybe there not related but i was pretty sure i was bout to die just a few minutes ago.

    Posted by steven  on  01/12/09  at  08:45 PM
  145. Glad to know its not all in my head.
    I am 37 and have had this for over 20 years. Have been to the Dr before
    but they could not find anything wrong..

    Thanks.. Nice to finally know what it is.

    Posted by Stu  on  01/12/09  at  07:18 AM
  146. i have every symptom that this article describes including “the imaginary bubble”.  The only thing is that when i experience PCS it lasts for a VERY long time, it goes on and off , like 4 - 5 mins on then it goes away for a little bit , then comes back. I am sure that this is probably cause it gives me extreme anxiety when this happens.  I have been to emergency at the hospital 3 times because of this and all my bloodwork, ecg, vital signs, xrays are always completely normal.  I was glad when i found this article for obvious reasons.  The only problem now is that i have been experiencing it everyday for the last 5 - 6 days, which is very frustrating.  I have a doctors appointment in 4 days with my family doctor and i am glad that i have something to at least mention to her because the emergency doctors realize that nothing serious is going on but they wont help me figure out what is going on either.

    Posted by guitarkid  on  01/09/09  at  07:31 PM
  147. I am 18 and I have been having this for awhile. I think this is what it is going on with me but still not sure does it help with anyone to use the restroom?

    Posted by Jeff Campbell  on  01/07/09  at  10:46 PM
  148. i’m a 20 yr old girl who is having problems keeping down the food i eat and when do happen to keep it down i feel real ill after and a dizzy spell...can someone tell me wats wrong....thnx

    Posted by nikkinatassija  on  01/07/09  at  07:12 AM
  149. hello
    i ahve problem in the chest when i m laughing my chest go to a sharp pain.

    Posted by jahangir  on  01/05/09  at  03:15 PM
  150. My pain when I bend over to pick up something comes from the middle of my chest, halfway between my nipples and the nape of my neck.
    As soon as I return to an upright position the pain goes.
    Usually if it occurs when standing or sitting, Burping releases the uncomfortableness in the chest

    I do have reflux/gerd, but been treating same with a native brew from cows milk which has certain added ingredients which is slowly boiled for hours,and is quite similiar to sour milk or yogut, I have had very good results since taking this brew.

    Posted by Anthony Tardieu  on  01/03/09  at  09:05 AM
  151. i had a very horrible pain in the left side of my chest and hurt really bad and the pain jumped to my arm and then back to my shoulder then it did the same thing to my right side this all happened when i went to sleep last night. i want to know what this is and if i should go to the doctor or not??

    Posted by miya  on  12/30/08  at  10:18 PM
  152. I just had this happen to me last night. It used to happen all the time when I was younger. This time I didn’t get the full pop I was looking for. I inhaled but stopped short of full inhale. It hurt, but it didn’t do it’s normal pop. Now I’ve had a pain in the location over night and in to the morning. It almost feels like it’s going to do it again, but no matter how deep I breath, I can’t relieve the pressure. :( If it doesn’t go away by tomorrow, I’m going to see a doctor. It’s very nice to know this is normal and other people get it.

    Posted by Jason Craig  on  12/25/08  at  11:18 AM
  153. whats going on IaM Having alot of pain in the center of my chest & problems with bowel movement & alot of burping can you please help me to tell me its gas or acid reflux or something that i eat man its been like this for 3 days now

    Posted by ash  on  12/22/08  at  07:51 PM
  154. im 20 years old, im a smoker and a drinker, didnt have any problems in the past with the chest! it started sudently, little pain on my left chest, and now it hurts every day, when i sleep it hurts, when i take a big breath it hurts! the pain is on the left side and near the heart.

    Posted by Marko  on  12/22/08  at  04:46 AM
  155. My cramping occurs just under or over the rib cage on the left side, about 2 inches from the middle of the sternum, as I bend over to work or pick things up. This does not happen ever time enough to get my attention. I just simply stand straight up and bend over backwards to stretch and rub this area for the pain to cease. 
    What muscle name and what may cause this?

    Posted by Rick T.  on  12/19/08  at  06:37 PM
  156. i am also 23 and i still get these too. i got one about 5 mins ago, thats why i searched my symptoms on google and found this website. im glad im not the only one.

    Posted by marty  on  12/18/08  at  05:16 PM
  157. i have been having attacks like those in PCS for a few years now (but have never known what it was), however last night i had one that lasted over ten minutes, practically paralyzed me and woke me out of a dead sleep. usually my attacks only last a min or two. so needless to say, when the pain didnt subside after a few minutes, my roommate and boyfriend called for help. by the time the paramedics had arrived, the pain had subsided, and all that was left was a dull pain just to the left of my sternum.
    anyway, last nights scare from hell convinced me that i needed to look into what this was, and i stumbled upon this article.  thanks for having it available, with detailed information, put into words a non-medical trained average person can understand. im still definitely going to talk to my doctor, but this put my head at ease knowing that these attacks are not at all uncommon.

    Posted by LPH  on  12/14/08  at  10:01 PM
  158. i have experienced this very often now it started a week ago and it this feeling of sharp pain occurs almost every single time i laugh or breathe in too hard or even when i try to get upfrom a lying position. It feels like the pain is coming from my heart. What is the best way to get rid of it?

    Posted by lini  on  12/13/08  at  05:18 AM
  159. Hi im 21 i’ve been having these feelings for the past 3 days. I think the pain is decreasing but it’s still there (im not taking any medicament).
    Do you recommned i see a doctor?

    Posted by Mirna  on  12/12/08  at  01:26 AM
  160. I think this is what i have, but it normally wakes me up in the early morning. Lots of pressure in my chest and back i don’t want to move but i can’t stay still it hurts so bad. i find myself not wanting to breath, it feels like someone is pumping up a balloon inside my chest. anyone else feel this way? I try to make myself burp, it seems to help, then my chest is really sore for the rest of the day. I am 28 and this just strted about 3 years ago after i had my gallbladder removed. ( I swore they messed up untill i found this)

    Posted by Amy  on  12/10/08  at  06:09 AM
  161. Nice to know i’m not dying but what am I to do if this has persisted for 3 evenings, I thought it came with the flu with bad sweats etc, your advice if possible would be much appreciated, thank you x

    Posted by C Johnson  on  12/07/08  at  11:30 PM
  162. I just started having this 5 months ago. Sadly I am having about 10 episodes of pain a day. I’m 53 years old and worried it was a serious heart problem. While I’m glad it’s not life threatening, it’s very embarrassing when these episodes hit in a public place and folks notice you in extreme pain.

    Posted by Rob Wright  on  12/06/08  at  08:02 PM
  163. Is PCS related in anyway to asthma?  It seems to happen to me for frequently when my asthma acts up.  I’m a 26 year-old female that has had this condition (undiagnosed) for years.  Don’t smoke or drink at all.

    Posted by Mary  on  12/05/08  at  10:47 AM
  164. I’m 14 yrs onld and I’ve had this pain for as far as I can remember. My sister used to sacre me by sayin some1 had a vudu doll of me I didn’t find this funny. A couple of minutes ago I had the same pain as desribed.I googled it and found this site thank God I did coz I thought I had breast cancer or a heart condition. b4 I looked it up I told my friend about it and she told me its coz my breasts were growin which sounded like a gd explenation. but I the realised that that much pain cant be caused by that.Feel like an idot now.

    Posted by hi  on  12/03/08  at  01:27 PM
  165. I’m a 13 yr old girl.I started to have pains in my chest at the left hand side then it feels
    bubble bursting and the pain is gone. I’m glad to no its PCS coz I thought it was breast cancer. I told my friend about it and she told me it was my breasts were growin I decided to agree with her since it was rarely happpenin on the right han side and the bubble was burstin in my bra. It happend today except the pain was much wore I looked it up and found this website.
    Happy 2 no I aint the only 1

    Posted by Caroline  on  12/02/08  at  12:24 PM
  166. im only 12, is it common to be happining to me at such a young age? Cos i get that sharp pain everyonce and a while, and i know it PAINFULL!

    Posted by SHAN  on  12/02/08  at  06:40 AM
  167. Hi, im 18 years old, i just experienced all of these symptons last night, well early this morning at 12:30am and i went to the hospital 4 hrs later and the doctor told me he thought it was just pcs. But that if it continues to go see my DR, he told me to take ibprofin and ive been taken it and it just stopped, but im starting to feel it come back. Im scared over this because i had high blood pressure in the hospital and im only 18 this doesnt seem normal, i dont do drugs this doesnt make sense to me. I am going to the DR in 2 days, so hopefully i will be fine,

    Posted by jeff  on  12/01/08  at  08:35 PM
  168. Several months ago I injured my left rib and there was a loud pop noise and extreme pain. My doctor said my cartilage had snapped and it would heal up shortly. The pain went away but my left rib cage was sunk in slightly from the injury. About 2 weeks ago i started to get a pain which is perfectly described by PCS but most of the time the pain is not that bad but wont go away for several hours and other times it causes me to fall to my knees from pain but usually goes away in a minute or two. Also in 2 ocassions i felt the pain in my left shoulder and since about 3 days ago i now get the pain in my right ribs but not as much as the left. I went to the doctor again and he said that there was nothing wrong with me and that the pain was just from the injury. He then said i could either excersice and it will not heal or not excersice and it will heal. I have not been exersicing since my injury so I dont understand why it hasnt healed. I looked it up before and I thought i might have “Tietze Syndrome” and i heard that vitamin E can help it. Does anyone have something like this and knows what exactly it is? and how it can be healed or what i should eat? p.s I have been taking (2) liquid gel advils every day or so lately but they do not seem to stop the pain at all.  If anyone could give me some infromation that would be great, thanks.

    Posted by owen  on  11/30/08  at  09:42 PM
  169. Thank you for posting this. I am a 40 year old women who has had this for over 20 years now with about 3-4 eposides a year. As I get older I get more worried I am glad to know that this finally has a name. (I think my doctors over the years thought I was nuts). 
    I feel much better this am after having pain last night and wanted to do more research.
    Thanks again

    Posted by Balan  on  11/26/08  at  09:36 AM
  170. Now i finally know what wrong with me! YAY!

    Posted by Roxanne  on  11/25/08  at  11:06 PM
  171. Well im 26 female and im having trouble sleeping at night and day im hurting in my chest so bad it fills like its on fire and sharp pains can’t sleep on my left side it hurt to bad and when i turn on my right side it hurts as well it hurts so bad it makes you wanna cry,what can you do with symptoms like this.

    Posted by Sylvia  on  11/25/08  at  03:20 PM
  172. i also used to be worried that something were wrong with with my heart till i read this very helpful article. now my minds at ease thnk you

    Posted by Andy  on  11/25/08  at  12:55 PM
  173. So my brother and I have both getting these pains for over ten years now. He’s 28 and I’m 20.  My issues are one, I wouldn’t call it bubble bursting, i would describe it as though my heart feels as though it is in a vice, and may burst from the pressure.  Secondly, I don’t find it reassuring for them to say how it isn’t a threat if the cause is unknown and it is hard to view the heart under these conditions.  Finally, I have never met anyone else with similar problems, except for my brother.

    Posted by None  on  11/24/08  at  10:47 PM
  174. Im 14 years old.These past couple years i randomly get a pain in my chest.Its located on the far left side of my body. It feels deep under my breast near my ribs. Usually its the left side but sometimes is in the right;its a sharp pain that is heavy and does not go away even after deep breaths. I try not to move because it makes the pain more intense. I was recently reading tonight at 12 o colck and laying on my left side when i got this familiar pain which usually goes away after about 5 or 6 minutes.I didnt panic because it happens a lot but tonight i got this pain for atleast 20 minutes. I tried not to move because i didnt want it to get worse but i decided to get up to get my mom because i thought it probably wasnt a good sign for it to be going on this long. When i got up the pain continued but went away after a couple deep breaths, i dont know if its something or not.If you have any sugestions let me know. I dont really want to go to the doctor because i have to get some normal shots for my next checkup in February. i dont want them but i have to get them and i dont want to have to go to the doctor sooner because of these pains, hopefully its nothing. You tell me.

    Posted by Michelle  on  11/22/08  at  11:48 PM
  175. I’m a 14 year old male teenager and i had these pains for a real long time and i don’t know what to do and I’m thinking its somthing wrong and I get these pains(not all the time) is when I’m sitting down and when it goes away I feel a pain in my back on the left side close to my arm and I’m scared because I don’t know if its serious or not so please help

    Posted by T  on  11/20/08  at  10:01 PM
  176. Sometimes when im running i get a sharp chest pain in the middle of my chest and i cant breathe i have seasonal bronchitis but it doesnt trouble me every season through out the year.I sit and it makes it better but im still concerened for my health and well-being

    Posted by worried  on  11/17/08  at  11:38 AM
  177. Im 14 years of age, and i keep getting the above pains.  which is causing my back and my arm to feel achey, im really worried. thanks

    Posted by Sophie  on  11/16/08  at  04:07 AM
  178. Thank you, I get this ALL the time, and it hurts so bad, I’m 16, and I was just wondering what it was caused by and what it was, but thank you. Now i know there ain’t just something wrong with me, I wasn’t sure this was normal, thank you for informing me, I get these just about everyday and sometimes in school I just sit there and hold the spot it hurts until I finally get the courage to breath again without it hurting as bad but still hurts, and sometimes more than once a day. Thank you though.

    Posted by me  on  11/14/08  at  04:03 PM
  179. Hi,
    For the past month or so I’ve had a very sharp pain in my chest whenever I sneeze or cough.  It’s much better if I remember to lean forward though I don’t always remember to do so. It’s also uncomfortable when I lie on my side.  I went to my GP who sent me for an XRay, however nothing came up.  She had no idea what is wrong and thought it would improve, however it’s not getting any better.  I haven’t been ill recently and can’t think of how this could have started.  Without stressing me out too much, are you able to suggest what this could be, and also what test/s I might need to have in order to be properly diagnosed?  Thank you!!

    Posted by Keryn  on  11/09/08  at  02:45 AM
  180. Just wanted to say thanks.  I’m 33 and have these pains every once in a while.  Glad to hear it’s nothing to worry about.

    Posted by djse  on  11/07/08  at  06:54 PM
  181. I am 37 years old and I have had these pains for as long as I can remember.  I am experiencing one right now and it has been going on for about 15 minutes now.  I am very worried because I have a heart murmur and panic disorder.  I don’t want to end up in the hospital.  It is good to hear that I am not the only one that has this issue though.  However, is it normal for it to last over 15 minutes?

    Posted by Jewell L. Kelly  on  11/05/08  at  09:32 AM
  182. i get a pain in the left hand side of my chest, i would say from the bottom of my left pectorial up to the side of the left hand side of my neck. It only comes on when i breath deeply and I have had it all morning. It feels like there is something wrong with a tube running from my chest to neck, brings about a sharpish pain but not sudden, a little gradual.

    Any ideas?

    Posted by sam  on  11/05/08  at  06:53 AM
  183. I poop and fart and wipe it on my upper lip, is that normal?

    Posted by Sanchez to the extreme  on  11/03/08  at  06:24 PM
  184. Ive been getting these chest pains for almost 3 years know. My doctor didnt know what it was, gave me meds, did some tests, and still couldnt figure it out. Finally i gave up. Recently ive been getting them far worse than i have ever gotten them. Sometimes I cant even move because the pain is so bad and i cant inhale because it hurts too much. Its good to know theres actually a name for what i have, and that there is no real danger or harm.

    Posted by Lenka  on  10/31/08  at  02:15 AM
  185. I am 12 years old and have had this for about 2 weeks it goes away in like 30 seconds. My mom thought I was stressed but I found this article and she agreed this was probably what I had. I was playing cards with my big brother when I laughed I had a really sharp pain that I had to take shallow breaths and couldn’t move. And yesterday I was eating and had a really sharp pain I had to stop what I was doing because it hurt so bad. This article helped me allot thanks.

    Jodi age 12

    Posted by Jodi  on  10/28/08  at  12:24 PM

    Posted by joel reed  on  10/27/08  at  06:28 PM
  187. I had this yesterday. I woke up and an hour later a sharp pain was under my left breast. Then 4 hours later it started to creep up to the top of chest and every breathe, small or deep caused more pain. I put a icy/hot patch and tookan IBU earlier, which didn’t help. It lasted the entire day. The pain was sooo intense that I was in tears.  I was scared, because I was driving home and I still had twenty minutes until I got there. Today its sore and I feel a tiny pain on the left side. I never had the “pop” effect, which I hope doesn’t mean that this is not what I experienced. And since I commute to work and school I hope it doesnt come back. And the funny thing is, I started a diet plan last Monday.

    Posted by Angie  on  10/26/08  at  04:46 PM
  188. yey! so that’s what it’s called.. i thought im havin like a mini-heart attack or something.. it’s weird that you people experienced it too! :)

    Posted by marymayqt  on  10/25/08  at  11:29 PM
  189. I’m 22 years old male and I started getting this pain; right under my nipple chest and kinda under my side armpit area. I’ve had these pains for about 3-5 days now and lately it’s been gradually getting worst. The pain is bearable. But every time take a deep breathe it would sort hurt. Or if I would try to sleep on my side thats when the pain would def be as sharp as ever. If I touch the area it still hurts. Am I just paranoid or something? Because I’m an athlete I run a mile or two daily, and play basketball. Lift weights and stay n shape. I don’t smoke cigarettes but I have smoke marijuana before and the last time I’ve done it was about a week ago. I was just recently had a minor cold to where i had a running nose and I was coughing up Fleming n all. With a sore throat but not bed sick. My doctor prescribes Iron pills for me because I’m anemic.

    Posted by Tytou Ngeth  on  10/22/08  at  03:46 PM
  190. I’m 22 years old male and I started getting this pain; right under my nipple chest and kinda under my side armpit area. I’ve had these pains for about 3-5 days now and lately it’s been gradually getting worst. The pain is bearable. But everytime take a deep breathe it would sort hurt. Or if I would try to sleep on my side thats when the pain would def be as sharp as ever. If I touch the area it still hurts. Am I just paranoid or something? Because I’m an athlete I run a mile or two daily, and play basketball. Lift weights and stay n shape. I don’t smoke ciggerattes but I have smoke marijuana before and the last time I’ve done it was about a week ago. I was just recently had a minor cold to where i had a running nose and I was coughing up flemine n all. With a sore throat but not bed sick. My doctor prescribes Iron pills for me because I’m anemic.

    Posted by Tytou Ngeth  on  10/22/08  at  12:35 PM
  191. I’m 12 year old,i felt it this afternoon,I told my friends not to make joke because when I started laughing my left chest hurt,and when I inhale deeply.I don’t tell my parents about it.what should I do?

    Posted by asfsafaf  on  10/22/08  at  05:30 AM
  192. I’ve had these ‘sharp pains’ since I was in 7th - 8th grade, I am 21 right now and still am experiencing them. I remember going to the doctors in 9th grade to get chest x-rays done and do breathing tests. They told me it was asthma pains and gave me an inhaler because I just happened to play high school sports...so they must’ve assumed asthma...idiots. One way i found to cope with these pains is to drink water or any liquid without carbonation...idk why but i have a glass of water every time i get one of these pains and it seems to go away. Also i definitely think it might be because of my posture...anyway hope i helped!

    Posted by Chris M.  on  10/21/08  at  01:33 AM
  193. I’ve had this pain for years now, been to several doctors (including a cardiologist) and never knew what it was.  One/some of them had suggested the possibility of a pinched nerve, but didn’t know how to treat it if that were the case.

    I find that as long as I regularly lift weights, I don’t suffer the pain.

    Posted by fossa  on  10/20/08  at  08:47 PM
  194. O WoW! I thought something was wrong with my lungs. I have these sharp pains almost everyday and I cant stand the pain. Just like 5 mins ago I had the “sharpness attack.” Im 17 and this is pretty wicked stuff cuz i play sports! Man this sux when it happens to me on the court or anywhere! This site has really helped me understand thigs more clearly.

    Posted by Krystina  on  10/20/08  at  12:07 PM
  195. I’m 19 and have recently as in the last two weeks have had this experience three times now. My heart rate increases extremely fast and then i cant breath. today it lasted 7min then returned 3 minutes later for 4 minutes. I actually collapsed the second time and couldnt breath no matter how hard i tried, i remember my doctor said i had some irregularity on my ekg but that i shouldnt worry. i also take pills for ADD which raise my blood pressure. Is there something more seriouse going on because i cant function when they happen.

    Posted by Guss  on  10/19/08  at  09:26 PM
  196. I’m a 16 year old girl and last night i was out with friends, i stood up and suddenly felt a sharp, almost stinging pain on the left hand side of my chest around the front and side, and had to sit straight back down. The pain did not go away whatever i tried. I tried sitting still, walking around, lying down… nothing would help. The pain was so bad that i was nearly in tears and after about an hour of the pain not decreasing i had to go home to bed. I woke up this morning and the constant pain has gone but i am still getting occasional stabbing pains in the same place… i also have 2 red marks on my side where the pain seems to be coming from as they they are excruciatingly painful to touch. Please help!!

    Posted by Letty Carey  on  08/30/08  at  09:46 AM
  197. what if its on the right side of the chest. i have some history of neumonia and my penis is smaller than average.. please get back to me

    Posted by matthew  on  07/12/08  at  03:47 AM
  198. I’ve had these pains almost 5 yrs now, I thought I was having a minor heartattack. I explain to my dr. these symptoms....I was examined--everything was fine. One night as I was lying in my bed, a sharp pain took me by surprise..the pain was soooo sharp, I grabbed my chest, sat up in my bed, heard a thump and the pain was gone...thought one of my mitral valves were stuck--scared ****less. Glad to read my diagnosis has a name/benign.

    Posted by d40  on  07/11/08  at  11:54 AM
  199. its so weird to find something that actually describes the feeling and to know that I am not the only one who feels it. I am 25 and have had it for almost 10 years now. and the only difference that i have compared to others on here so far is that mine is on my right and not on the left.

    Posted by shaylynnmarie  on  07/08/08  at  10:29 PM
  200. In the above article, it has been told that the PCS will not occur in adulthood, well I am 23 years old.  It occurs to be but have reduced over a period of time.  I have been having it in my childhood and teenage, but its persistant into my adulthood it bit scary.  As per your article it cannot be heart related, as human you do have fear’s.

    I will visit doctor and see how it goes.  Thanks

    Posted by Vijay  on  07/08/08  at  04:42 PM