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Play Station 3 coming in November?

Posted by Davbmn on 05/10/06 at 03:22 AM

imageLaunch date set for 11/17 but which model should you buy?

Sony Entertainment has said that a scaled down 20 Gb model of the new Playstation will run you $499 and the fully featured, deluxe 60Gb model will go for $599.

November 17th is the target date but could get pushed back if there are more snags.  The online service will offered for free to help gain some market share, but will that be enough?.  Probably not.

Thanksgiving weekend Has to be a drop dead date for SECA if they are to have a good shot at catching Microsoft’s Xbox.  But Microsoft is not taking this lying down. It seems that Sony may be a little anxious to get this product out the door.  With a limited release in the works in time for the Christmas rush, the full blown models will probably hit the street in ‘07.  This is clearly an attempt to head off Microsoft from gaining anymore marketshare with the Xbox 360, but may end up hurting them if the product is deemed inferior because of any left out features. Blue-ray might be a great feature some day but is totally useless right now.  It may end up being another MiniDisc venture.  image

MS is not gonna let Sony just waltz in and take customers either, so Halo 3 is set for release in early ‘07 along with some other hardware to add to the 360 experience.  Another Christmas season without a new Playstation could cause gamers to breakdown and buy the 360 just to have a more up-to-date system and get the hottest games like Halo 3, which could leave Sony with less marketshare for the next few years.

With a price tag so high the 360 seems like a bargain and has a full catalog of titles available.  I like competition especially when it comes to MS. So here’s to hoping that Sony can pull a rabbit out of their hat, and a PS3 out of their design studio before Thanksgiving and get the price under control.  Otherwise we’ll all be complaining about MS’s domination of yet another market of technology, well maybe not all of us.

The list of features available on each model can be found at PS3land.

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  1. it would be nice if yall werent such arrogant crooks and bring the price down so that an average american can afford it instead of putting 98 percent of it in your pocket...bring it down or your sales on this product will bring you down

    Posted by Greg  on  06/04/06  at  03:37 AM