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Wii is creating its own sub-language

Posted by Davbmn on 12/26/06 at 04:23 PM

imageIt will Wii-define the American lexicon

Every year new words are added to the American lexicon. Most recent additions have centered around new technology.  The word ipod is a relatively new addition to the language.  Today that word is easily recognizable. This year Nintendo released its new console.  The “Wii” (pronounced: Wee), as it is called was originally dubbed “Revolution”, but later changed to a strange little word that has no previous definition in English.

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Nintendo claimed that revolution was too long and hard to pronounce in some languages, so they opted for the simplicity of Wii, which was not without controversy.
This choice has lead to some unintended consequences. The word Wii, with its simplicity has allowed for some creative language.  The controller for Wii is called the Wii-mote.  Now some other interesting words are being created to describe the Wii experience.  For instance, the word “wiiarrange” is defined as moving your furniture to allow for the full motion required for some of the games.  There are currently about 50 entries on urbandictionary.com you can research for yourself.

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