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How Does Your Favorite TV Channel Rate?

Posted by Failed Success on 12/16/04 at 11:58 PM

Nielsen LogoFor the first time, official Nielsen Rating Numbers for premium TV channels have been released by the Starz Encore Group.

While ratings numbers have found their way into public viewing on regular network channels, the Nielsen numbers for All day and Primetime ratings on basic and premium channels have never been released to the general public.

The Starz Encore Group recently released the official Nielsen numbers for the month of October 2004 indicating the ratings of basic and premium channels for both the all day and primetime categories.

“This first-ever release of Nielsen numbers for premium channels demonstrate clearly that TV viewers continue to devour hit movies found on our services as a regular part of their television diet,” said SEG president and COO Robert B. Clasen. “In fact, if you look closely at the top-rated channels, you find that movies are at the heart of seven of the top twelve, basic or premium. While individual channels may have a hit series now and then, the power of movies to drive viewership is consistent month to month and year to year. In addition, the continued growth of Starz on Demand, which allows viewers to watch movies whenever they like as often as they like will contribute even more to customer satisfaction and viewership in the coming years.”

View the Full Nielsen Ratings Numbers for Basic and Premium TV channels for the month of October

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