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Motorola to bring clothing into the 21st Century.

Posted by Failed Success on 01/04/05 at 09:15 PM

imageMotorola reportedly to bring MP3 and cell phones to clothing line.

Reuters is reporting that Mortorola and clothing maker Burton of Burlington, VT are prepared to produce a line of High-Tech clothing imbedded with Bluetooth technology.  Reportedly the clothing will allow seemless integration of MP3 players and cell phones that can be operated on the sleeve and listened to, through the collar.

This is a great cutting edge idea to itegrate technology into our everyday items.  The only drawback that I can see is that Bluetooth is already being bombarded with viruses and with this expansion, the spreading of the viruses could render these jackets useless.  Its great that we can put these clothes on in the winter to keep us from catching a cold but what are we going to put on our coat to keep it from catching a cold?

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