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MGM DVD Settlement - Take advantage!!!

Posted by Failed Success on 01/28/05 at 11:41 AM

MGM LogoBasically MGM screwed up and as a result you should take advantage and stick them with a costly settlement.

Short story is Widescreen and Full screen show the same image.  Widescreen is supposed to give you more image than full screen.  Whats really funny though is that MPAA can bring lawsuit on you for copyright infringement for copying a dvd (personal backup of course) with a $150,000 fine and/or jail time.  But the courts/MGM thinks it is alright to pay you an individual a whopping $7.10 for scamming you in your DVD purchase.

Below is the reason for the settlement as taken from the document on MGM’s DVD Settlement website: http://mgmdvdsettlement.com/index.php3
You may also find the list of eligible DVD’s.

Plaintiffs’ Third Amended Complaint alleges causes of action against MGM for fraud, false advertising, unfair competition, violation of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act and breach of the implied warranty of merchantability and causes 2 of action against the Retail Defendants for unfair business practices, violation of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act and breach of the implied warranty of merchantability. The gravamen of Plaintiffs’ Complaint is that certain representations on the label and package insert of MGM’s widescreen DVDs are false and misleading because MGM’s widescreen DVDs for films shot in the 1.85 to 1 aspect ratio have the same image width as MGM’s standard screen format DVDs.

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