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The Magical World of Joomla Templates

Posted by Failed Success on 07/28/07 at 02:56 PM

Joomla TemplatesEnding the evil tyranny of website abominations and animated gifs.

It really does seem like everyone and their brother’s aunt’s uncle’s best friend’s roommate has some type of website these days. If you’ve seen some of the horrid abominations of invalid xhtml horror that I have, it is quickly apparent that many lack the skills to create a magical website experience. Thankfully, there’s Joomla and the Joomla templates system.

I know what you are thinking, “Joomla”, what is that, some kind of exotic drink or crazy Starbucks beverage size? Interestingly enough, Joomla is a bundle of PHP goodness that is out there fighting the good fight of open source content management software, bringing powerful websites to the masses. Freely available, and with an active community of millions, Joomla is a great way to easily create a website with powerful features even for the web novice. But, even with all of the earth shattering power and galaxy wide domination that can be had with using Joomla for your website, there is still the possibility that your site will end up looking like your web advisory team consisted of a dyslexic clown and a pack of two year old children with crayons and no supervision. That is where Joomla’s super mega awesome templating system comes in.

Joomla templates are a design layer that allows you display your content in all manner of total awesomeness, and can be easily changed and configured to present your content in a completely different way. There are 1.27 kajillion Joomla templates, both free and professional, out there now so there is a lot of choice in picking your instrument of web domination. The best, by far, is the Joomla templates club RocketTheme. Not satisfied with the current state of web design and the lack of Joomla template glory, RocketTheme leads the way with incredible Joomla template designs and features.

RocketTheme Joomla templates are designed by magical elves from deep within the Colorado mountains. Armed with short legs, toddler clothing, and an unmistakable knack for PHP and CSS, the RocketTheme elves churn out template designs that are so adaptable and customizable, the same Joomla template can produce dozens of sites that look completely different from one another. How do the RocketTheme elves do this? No one knows exactly, but thankfully they do allow mere mortals to utilize their incredible works. Below is a breakdown of some of the RocketTheme elves finest Joomla works.

Joomla Templates ReplicantJoomla Templates - Replicant

Introducing an exciting new type of template that, with a fully transparent body, takes on the style and colors of the background images you use. With this approach, you can create an infinite number of variations and looks, simply by changing the background image to whatever you wish!

Replicant combines a sleek and simple portal layout with stylish glassy transparent elements and independently configurable elements to open up all kinds of possibilities for the look of your site. Not only does Replicant allow you change the whole look of your site just by changing the background image, but it is also packed full of the great features and extensions you’ve come to expect from RocketTheme templates. Learn more about the Joomla template Replicant!

Joomla Templates ElementalJoomla Templates - Elemental

A simple and elegant template design that would be perfect for any project. With Elemental, we combined speed and simplicity, with some of the most powerful configuration options and custom modules we have ever offered to date!
Elemental presents a unique design that has the 4 major elements of the template design separated so they can be independently configured, giving you the ability to mix and match the colors of the template and create over 900 possible color configurations. And colors are only the beginning!

The amazing RokMooMenu makes its return, and is joined by three amazing new exclusive modules that will take your site to the next level: RokSlide, RokZoom, and RokLatest. Learn more about the Joomla template Replicant!

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