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Indy Finally on his way Back?

Posted by Failed Success on 03/16/06 at 04:56 PM

Harrison Ford Coming Soon: Indiana Jones 4 - Hey you kids, get off my lawn!

After nearly a decade of veiled threats, rumors, and rewrites; Indiana Jones may be returning to the big screen after all. A host of screenwriters have been working on the possible script for the fourth installment of the famous series for a very long time. Rewrite after rewrite, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were not satisfied with the story.

Finally, it seems that they have both decided on a script and story concept that they like and filming may begin very soon. Over the past decade Harrison Ford has expressed his interest to return as Indiana Jones and plans to do so in the upcoming film. But what will it be like with a 64 or possibly 65 year old Indy?

Harrison Ford is now 63 years old and will be 64 or possibly 65 by the time that Indiana Jones 4 makes its way to the theaters. After recently completing his first full-fledged action film in a long time, “Firewall”, Ford states that he is in “the best shape of my life” and feels that the demands of an action film like Indiana Jones will not be a problem. Needless to say, seeing a grey-haired Indy running from bad guys, booby traps, and giant boulders could be a little jarring.

Indiana JonesThe real question is, how will Indy be portrayed in the story? Will Indy still be the star of the show, engaging in all the pitfalls and adventure of the typical Indiana Jones romp; or will the story focus on someone else?

I guess it is possible that Indy could have a son, and the story could focus on the son while Ford plays a fatherly role similar to the one Sean Connery played in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade. I really hope it’s not something that predictable. Surely, after all the time spent on this script and all of the fuss that has been made about it, they would have something pretty solid.

Regardless, Harrison Ford is an excellent actor and he will most likely be able to pull off whatever is put on his plate. Let’s just hope that the script he is given is a solid one. Indiana Jones is a time honored classic and I don’t think anyone wants to see it destroyed with a sad excuse for a movie designed solely to make a buck off of the novelty value of the series.

When Indiana Jones 4 makes its way to my theater, I want to see the classic excitement and humor that made the movies so great. Please don’t ruin it with too many special effects and gimmicks. A prophetic episode of South Park showed in graphic detail just what could happen to Indiana Jones if George Lucas and Steven Spielberg got too carried away. I still get nightmares from that episode.

Whatever happens, I’m sure that millions of people will enjoy the opportunity to see Indiana Jones in all his glory again. They will gladly buy their tickets to the cinema as well as the five subsequent DVD releases:

Indiana Jones 4: Standard Edition
Indiana Jones 4: Special Edition
Indiana Jones 4: Collectors Edition
Indiana Jones 4: Special Special Edition

and last but not least:

Indiana Jones 4: Hey you Kids, Get off my lawn Widescreen Edition featuring 20 minutes of new footage with a CGI Harrison Ford performing feats that will boggle your mind.

Article Written By: Kevin DuCommun

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