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Another one bites the Dust

Posted by Failed Success on 12/11/04 at 04:36 AM

Kerik ducks out:

Bernard Kerik is the latest victim of political correctness run amuck.  Probably the most qualified nominee to date in the new Bush cabinet is forced to remove his name from nomination, after questions about the immigration status of a house worker came into question, ABC is reporting.  Mr. Kerik was NYPD commish under Mayor Giuliani and was thought to be a shoe-in at Homeland Security.  Too bad for us. The US would have benefitted greatly from such a great hands-on leader.  Kerik, even praised by the likes of Sen. Hillary Clinton, was a popular choice and a good fit. 

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  1. are you insane?  Kerik sucked up to Julie Annie to get where he was.  He was Nothing and is Nothing.  But that’s besides the point.  He plead guilty to a crime and his name does not belong on public property.  What is so hard to understand about that?

    Posted by some jerk off  on  07/09/06  at  04:42 AM
  2. I have to agree. I think Kerik would have been a great member of the Bush cabinet. Especially at this time with key positions needing talent, we could have used him. Unfortunate indeed

    Posted by Learned_Lessons  on  12/11/04  at  08:23 PM