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Mike the Hamster, Turns Out to be “The One”

Posted by Davbmn on 06/06/06 at 03:10 AM

imageHamster survives industrial shredder with barely a scratch

Better not mess with Mike the hamster.  As it turns out Mike is much tougher than he looks.  Mike went through a recycling shredder for nearly 4 minutes.  This resilliant rodent was quickly taken in by a 10 year old whose father works at the local recycling plant in Flintshire, Whales. 

How boring is a hamster wheel going to be to this little guy now?  The biggest thrill he’ll get now is getting out of solitary confinement for a few fleeting momentswhile the wood shavings are changed.  It’s all downhill from here Mike.  Maybe you should have taken the Blue Pill.

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