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Google Maps Sightseeing

Posted by Failed Success on 04/08/05 at 05:07 AM

DaveAs always, the wonderful Google keeps getting better and better with its offerings.

In addition to the very powerful and easy to use Google Maps. Google has now added a satellite view option to all of the map locations. These satelite views can be moved and manipulated just as easily as the regular illustrated map. This is obviously one of the benefits of Google’s recent acquisition of the Earthviewer Software.

The addition of this new functionality also adds some opportunities for some fun sightseeing. You can take a trip around America and zoom in on the highways and people’s houses. You never know what you may find. For example, in what may be the world’s largest tagging, A man named Dave has written his name across a field in Bunker Hill, IL so large it can be seen from space. I know a guy named Dave from around that area, hmm i wonder.....

There are many other great bits of sightseeing using satellite imagery. Check out the site Google Sightseeing for a nice comprehensive guide, including the all powerful “Dave” of the fields.

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  1. it seems a joke, the map picture seems to be redrawn by someone (the letter E is like a letter written by hand )
    another funny map:

    Posted by nop  on  08/31/06  at  11:16 PM