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Feds attempt to seize Grillz

Posted by Davbmn on 04/07/06 at 08:38 PM

GrillzTwo suspected drug dealers served with a warrant to seize their Grillz.

It seems that your gold crowns are now up for forfeiture if you are a suspected drug dealer.  However, as long as you have them permanently bonded you can keep your bling while you’re in the pokey.  A lawyer, speaking on the grounds that he get some noteriety, said that this sounded like Nazi Germany.  Always a good way to make friends in law enforcement.  Now you know what happened before Hitler had all the lawyers killed. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that these fine upstanding young men will be able to keep their precioius dental work once they’re on the inside.  Their bling might turn into a wedding ring or some form of bartering tool.  You thought a pack of smokes would get you somethin’, try some jewel encrusted gold crowns. Let this be a lesson for all you would-be criminals, get your Grillz pasted in and you’ll have some negotiating power on the inside.

Read the full account from the AP wire on CBSNews.com

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