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Another Deer Gone Wild!

Posted by Davbmn on 06/20/06 at 01:12 PM

imageDeer attacks suburban woman...calls to ban “Over the Hedge” soon to follow.

A doe in suburban Ohio has obviously had enough of people infringing on its living area.  After trailing a domesticated canine back to its living quarters this female deer vents her frustrations on an unsuspecting suburbanite.  The carnage that ensued will surely have people wondering if this deer has seen the movie “Over the Hedge” recently at a nearby outdoor theatre.

A 75 year old woman is counting her blessings as the “doe gone wild” nearly cut her to ribbons after letting her pooch indoors and being bowled over by a deer on a rampage.  This was no bull in a china shop, but it was very close.  This deer trashed the 75 year old woman’s house and the 75 year old woman, who suffered many injuries in the tirade. Police finally convinced the doe that enough was enough, and released it without filing any charges.

Here is the blurb at cbsnews.com

Even More Deer Gone Wild

Cases of “Deer Gone Wild” continue to mount in other areas of the country as well. Captured in this amateur video, we see more evidence of the deer rising up and taking up arms in the battle against their flannel wearing overlords.

And Still More Deer Gone Wild

Students at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale have been experiencing attacks by some seemingly crazy deer. “When Bambi Attacks”

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