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Narnia Not Quite a Masterpiece?

Posted by Failed Success on 04/25/06 at 08:37 PM

Chronicles of NarniaSometimes a simple “I didn’t care for the movie” will not suffice, leaving only the desire to construct a detailed rant of epic proportions

Jay Pinkerton was not happy with the storyline of “The Chronicles of Narnia”. Rather than let it go at that, he felt that his disenchanment with the alleged literary masterpiece deserved the utmost scrutiny and objective analysis.

He explores what he believes to be the random senselessness of all the characters and story elements and states that it is as ridiculous as “Harry Potter suddenly teaming up with Merlin, Robin Hood and Zeus to fight the Easter Bunny and a talking elephant that’s also Ganesha”.

Read the hilarious review at JayPinkerton.com (link contains strong language)

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