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Analyzing Bad Movie Physics

Posted by Failed Success on 04/17/06 at 09:52 AM

Movie Physics

Ever notice how cars in movies always burst into flames the instant they collide with anything? Our favorite is when a car falling from a high place explodes the instant before it hits the ground. It’s as though its gas tank gets panicky and detonates at the mere thought of striking Earth. Fortunately, the physics are not so cooperative.

An excellent article on Intuitor.com breaks down some of the most famous “movie physics”, applying real world scenarios, formulas, and common sense to explain the probability or improbability of what many moviegoers have begun to accept as fact.

Read the Full Article “Instultingly Stupid Movie Physics” at Intuitor.com

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  1. Laugh all you want, but when i flipped my SUV on a freeway. It rolled all 4 lanes from right to left untill hitting a freeway devider. When it finally stoped, the first thing that came to my mind was - “please do not explode”!
    thanks god i came out unhirt.

    Posted by Emil  on  05/03/06  at  09:35 PM